google chrome saving setting to local folder

I am using windows 7 and roaming profiles...
the local folder gets deleted on logoff and not saved back to server with profile....
can I change this path?
point to their app data folder that is using folder redirection and not part of profile?
thank you
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Ivano ViolaConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
Check out the second question under Other Issues, which I think answers your question.

Hope this helps.

CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
I set the userdatadir policy but it saves it cant save to the isn't able to use variables?
the path I entered is
it doesn't make sense of the %username% so this isn't useful if I cant set it for all users like this......
CCLCLSAuthor Commented:
sorry I see now the variable should be ${user_name}
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