Word 2010 - error in user profile

Hi experts.

Imagine a single machine with two windows 8.1 users using word of office 2010, sp3.
User A has no problems editing a document.
User B edits the same document, takes the same actions and word acts weird and results are unusable.

Logical consequence: user profile of B is somewhat broken.
However, we want to avoid to recreate the whole profile as he has so many other programs configured. So we just want to reset word's settings. So we go and ask MS what to do and MS offers a word-profile-reset tool.
Neat. But it did not solve the problem.
Cosequence: it is no problem within the word profile settings.

Where else could that problem be found?
What other part of the user profile does word use?
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Process Monitor v3.1 might help you determining which registry key or file User B is unable to access/write when performing the operation he fails. The tool records almost everything. Apply some filters and you should discover what's wrong.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
We did that already, I am experienced with procmon troubleshooting and even compared that log of User B to the one of A, nothing found within thousands of (filtered) log lines.
Did you consider creating a brand new User (such as User C) on the W8.1? Does that User C run without issues?
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McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Yes it does, but how does that help? We try to avoid using a new profile.
I know you don't want to create a new profile for User B but I asked you to perform this test in order to be sure that a brand new User/Profile would run smoothly.
The MS's link you provided is a "Fix IT" solution. Did you run the "Fix IT" when logged as User B?
Furthermore... did you try opening Word without any add-ons?
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
I wrote that I ran the fixit, and yes, as B.
There's only one addon and within it is that error. I will see what to do with that addon, hang on.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
Ok, I won a little more insight.
The addon is not the culprit as the function in question is not inside that addon but only used by that addon. So if we disable that addon, the error persists.

So I will be come more specific: the error happens whenever we have a table of contents and try to refresh it by pressing F9. Is anyone here able to tell me what external software component is used to refresh it? Because with all word settings reset, it has to be something outside of word, something belonging to windows.
McKnifeAuthor Commented:
(More than) Time to finish. It turned out to be ignorance. Users reporting errors incorrectly, me not being familiar with the results of all users involved. The users used different versions of the same document and not the identical one 8as they thought and told me) so much confusion was created.

Big sorry to all that invested time and tried to help!

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McKnifeAuthor Commented:
-wrong assumptions leading to confusion-
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