PDF Rendering in SSRS

I have a SSRS report with 20 columns and everything looks fine while rendering into EXCEL,CVS and MHTML formats. But while rendering into PDF all columns are getting wrapped and font size becomes very small. How do I increase the font size and how do i fix wrapping the column problem. What is the best approach while rendering into PDF format. Any help is appreciated.
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Vikas GargBusiness Intelligence DeveloperCommented:

In BIDS, do the following:

    Click on Report > Report Properties > Layout tab
    Make a note of the values for Page width, Left margin, Right margin
    Close and go back to the design surface
    In the Properties window, select Body
    Click the + symbol to expand the Size node
    Make a note of the value for Width

Please note that (Body Width + Left margin + Right margin) <= (Page width)
SURESH0518Author Commented:
All columns are fitting in one page but it is difficult to view the font size very small. My question how to increase the font size.
You have to change the fonts in each cell in the windows properties of the table.
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SURESH0518Author Commented:
When I increase font column values get wrapped and then I have to increase the width of cell. It looks very awkward when view online. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Ok, To start with in Pdf you will need to make sure each cell  has the cell set to NOT grow in the window properties. Also to will need to Trim all incoming data to the cell. Pdf is bad about having hide spaces in it.
Which can cause it row to wrap and goto a second page before it is needed.
Let me know if that helps.

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SURESH0518Author Commented:
Thank you for the help. We have 30 columns to display in PDF and what will be best approach to render into PDF.
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