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I have a startup program that opens more than one table then i organize my tables. After that i type close then restart my startup program and the tables are like i never changed them.
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What means "i organize my tables"? Do you shuffle tables displayed in a browse window on the screen? Or something else?

FoxPro remembers window position when you have RESOURCE file defined. So what is your SET RESOURCE setting at the beginning of the startup program?

The reason of your problems can be somewhere else.
Where do you type "close"?  CLOSE command causes an error exception and your error handler can be the reason. etc. etc.
RVLAuthor Commented:
yes i have SET RESOURCE ON  in my startup program and in the command window i type CLOSE ALL
Is the resource file writable?
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What command do you use to display tables?
RVLAuthor Commented:
how do i check if the resource file is r/w? i use BROWSE LAST NAME oGrid_Aleris_Corp NOWAIT
It should be visible from the location. E.g. Program files folder is r/o by default.

You may also issue:

USE (SYS(2005)) AGAIN ALIAS WhatEver

and try to write into it.

You may also find the appropriate record and check the ReadOnly column.

And you may use:
which will create resource record just for your purpose.

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