Formatting Python output

The following is a cgi page which has been written in Python3.4.  It is the action page of a html form. The pages does process the form input and does give an output which is correct content wise. However it is not formatted correctly and looks like this :

Helloo ('james', 'KANE', '', '2014-09-09')!

I would like an output something like this :

Hello James Kane

If someone could take a look at the code below and fix the code and/or point me to some on line document it would be great !! Thanks for reading this.  jim

import cgi
def htmlTop():
             <DOCTYPE html>
             <html lang="en">
                  <meta charset="utf-8"/>
                  <title> My Server-side template</title>

def htmlTail():
def getData():
      formData = cgi.FieldStorage()
      firstname = formData.getvalue('firstname')
      secondname = formData.getvalue('secondname')
      youremail = formData.getvalue('youremail')
      birthday = formData.getvalue('birthday')
      return firstname,secondname,youremail,birthday
#main program

if __name__== "__main__":
            firstName = getData()
            print("Helloo {0}!".format(firstName))          

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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Try replacing line 31 with:
print("Hello {0[0]} {0[1]}<br/>\n{0[2]}<br/>\n{0[3]}<br/>\n".format(firstName))

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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Couple of extra remarks:
- I added code tags to the code in your question to be able to refer to the line number
- there seems to be an error in your code: <DOCTYPE html> shouldn't that be <!DOCTYPE html>
- I used <br/> instead of <br> because you have a meta tag using it as well, but probably both are unnecessary.
jameskaneAuthor Commented:
Robert, very many thanks !!

Works perfectly.

Would you have a pointer to an online resource which deals with formatting topic ?

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jameskaneAuthor Commented:
Just Great !!!!
Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Well the documentation is kind of complex but there are ample examples:
jameskaneAuthor Commented:
thanks very much again !
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