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Need help finding a script to add +1 to the telephone number in the general tab under an active directory user object. is this possible? I need to make this change to over 500 user objects in active directory. thanks.

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gc c:\userlist.txt | % {
$username = $_
$oldphone = GetADUser -Identity $username -Properties OfficePhone
$nuphone = "1" + $_.OfficePhone
Set-ADUser -Identity $username -OfficePhone $nuphone -whatif

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Something like above should work (untested)
Jim P.Commented:
P would look at using the  dsmod user.

You can do a dsquery to get the right person.

It will be something like
DSQUERY USER -samid doej| DSMOD user -phone1 8005551212

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You can use this Vbscript
Set ArrayUser = GetObject  ("LDAP://OU=test,DC=N2NetworkSolutions,DC=com")
ArrayUser.filter=Array ("user")
For Each objUser In ArrayUser
objUser.get "officePhone", phone
objUser.Put "officephone", phone

for testing you can begin with a small test OU, then launch at large scale. The target can be configurated on the GetObject parameters.

mildogzAuthor Commented:
hey thanks folks. I have not gotten around to testing yet. we had some hold up and I was away for two weeks. so I will try some of this scripts and let you know. I apologies for the delay here. thanks again.
mildogzAuthor Commented:
thanks guys. We end up just doing it manually. but will keep the info in case i need for future reference.
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