XP & Copiers not connecting to Server 2012

we recently restarted the server at a client, windows 2012 server
the next day a windows xp system was not able to connect to server resources or reconnect to the domain, where full ip connectivity and name resolution was working properly.

also the copier which scans to a server share and a wide format printer which does the same was not able to scan to the server, both doing so with smb.

i'm guessing this to be an issue with smb protocol.

 we gave a loaner windows 7 system and that resolved that issue for now and changed the copier to use ftp vs smb. went to alternate win 7 pcs for the wide format to scan to ..

still having an issue, thinking its an smb thing but not certain. only thing that happened was a server reboot the night before then it was friggin Armageddon the next day.

any help you could provide would be appreciated
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Any chance there were new MS updates waiting for the system restart to complete their installation?  If so, check the installed updates to ensure nothing might be related to the issues.
Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
Is your crashed Server a DC? If so, make sure to do a full power down and then a cold boot to verify authentication to the DC is working. What is sounds like is that nothing is authenticating properly.

Scans fail - can't authenticate
Can't log on to PCs - can't authenticate
Cannot connect to the Domain - authentication issues

Pinging the Server IP is good I assume? Are mapped drives working?

Please give more info on how you were able to get things working on the loaner PCs. Are they Domain computers or on a separate workgroup? This will help us to identify whether it is connectivity or authentication related. Can you ping the IP of the Server from the problem PCs?
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
loaner pc was a windows 7 pro.. connected to the domain just fine.
all other pcs on the network, all windows 7 are working properly, connecting to server resources without issue

connectivity across the board is working great. ping server name and domain name without issue.

server didn't crash, it was a planned reboot. they lost electric and a pc connected to a database lost connection locked a record. server and all backend network equipment on ups power and protection...
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Did you check DHCP and DNS to make sure there aren't any conflicting records. WIN7 resolves conflicts better than XP.

I would do a ipconfig /flushdns on the server and XP and test.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
no updates run recently

flush of dns did not help unfortunelately
Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
Remove all affected pcs from the domain and then re-add them. The profiles for Users will not be affected.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
did that with the xp system.. removed from the domain.. added to a workgroup, tried to re add to the domain.. wouldn't go in..
Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
If it wont join the domain, what is the message exactly? You will receiblve a message upon failure. You may want to retry joining the Domain using DomainName.local . Sometimes the local is required.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
when it was connected to the domain when accessing network resources we would get the specified network name is no longer available. connectivity was solid, name resolution was solid for the server name and the domain name

trying to connect it to the domain after the fact, I'm sorry but I don't have that message any longer. we would try general name abc, as well as abc.local when trying to join. both produced the login to domain prompt, but both would eventually fail.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
some results:

PS C:\Users\administrator.HCC> get-SMBserverconfiguration

AnnounceServer                  : False
AsynchronousCredits             : 64
AutoShareServer                 : True
AutoShareWorkstation            : True
CachedOpenLimit                 : 5
AnnounceComment                 :
EnableDownlevelTimewarp         : False
EnableLeasing                   : True
EnableMultiChannel              : True
EnableStrictNameChecking        : True
AutoDisconnectTimeout           : 0
DurableHandleV2TimeoutInSeconds : 30
EnableAuthenticateUserSharing   : False
EnableForcedLogoff              : True
EnableOplocks                   : True
EnableSecuritySignature         : True
ServerHidden                    : True
IrpStackSize                    : 15
KeepAliveTime                   : 2
MaxChannelPerSession            : 32
MaxMpxCount                     : 50
MaxSessionPerConnection         : 16384
MaxThreadsPerQueue              : 20
MaxWorkItems                    : 1
NullSessionPipes                :
NullSessionShares               :
OplockBreakWait                 : 35
PendingClientTimeoutInSeconds   : 120
RequireSecuritySignature        : True
EnableSMB1Protocol              : True
EnableSMB2Protocol              : True
Smb2CreditsMax                  : 2048
Smb2CreditsMin                  : 128
SmbServerNameHardeningLevel     : 0
TreatHostAsStableStorage        : False
ValidateAliasNotCircular        : True
ValidateShareScope              : True
ValidateShareScopeNotAliased    : True
ValidateTargetName              : True
EncryptData                     : False
RejectUnencryptedAccess         : True
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
did you rename the computers something different or use the old names. The SID is likely the problem if you used the same name. Remove the computers from the domain again delete the computer names from Active Directory and add back. Or rename the computers before adding back to the domain.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
yep tried that as well. changed the pc name.. removed the old from ad.. even added the new one in ad.. still didn't work..

again, issue not localized to xp, copiers that scan to the server are also affected. they use smb protocol..
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Not sure I would mix troubleshooting with copiers and workstations? What happens when you manually place the DNS server IP in the workstation NIC and try to connect to the domain?

Once the workstations are back online worry about the copier. may even add the DNS setting on the NIC of the copier as well.
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
on the workstation we set it to static from dynamic, didn't resolve the issue.

not mixing, but they were experienced at the same time, so can't ignore that fact of it.. and the possibility that it has nothing to do with the workstation itself and maybe something related to how both types of devices communicate with the server.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
then you have a DNS problem or DHCP

regarding a copier and workstation yes they are on the same network but they are two completely different pieces of equipment. It's more likely the copier will work after you repair the workstation then the other way around.

turn off the firewall on the PC
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
what does nslookup tell you on the XP machine
jlaveryAuthor Commented:
it was an smb protocol ver support issue
when we made adjustments at the server to allow for earlier version support of smb

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jlaveryAuthor Commented:
other suggested options did not resolve the issue
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