Centos 7: Cannot Locate Network Printer when Trying to Install Printer

I have just installed centos 7.  I opened the printer GUI and searched for printers, but the application did not list any printers.  The network printer can be pinged.  I opened port 631 tcp/udp in the firewall, but that did not help.
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DCCoolBreezeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
resolved.  rather than go to settings and printer, but select the other printer app, that app finds the printer and sets the network printer up
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

Can you tell a bit more about your setup? What kind of printers do you have? What are you trying to achieve? Do you want the centos to be your central Print Server? Do you need to connect some printers over Centos and print documents?
Jan SpringerCommented:
You need to allow incoming packets from the printer's UDP port 161.
DCCoolBreezeAuthor Commented:
i figured out the solution on my own
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