YTD Video Downloader Pro --- How to download and entire Playlist from YouTube?


How to download and entire Playlist from YouTube using 'YTD Video Downloader Pro'?

Here's what I do, ... but it doesn't work:
a) I 'right click' on the first movie in the playlist
b) I then select 'Get Video URL'
c) I then copy the URL and paste it to 'YTD Video Downloader Pro' (in the Download text field, just like I would do with individual videos)
d) I then hit the 'DOWNLOAD' button
e) A dialogue box appears with the following text: 'One or more URLs are playlists. The videos in the playlist will be downloaded one at a time. Depending on the size of the videos, this could take a long time. Click Yes to download the whole playlist, No to download the single video you were watching or Cancel to cancel the playlist download.
f) I click on the 'Yes' button
h) 'YTD Video Downloader Pro' automatically goes to the 'Activity' screen, but nothing happens. The 'Activity' screen stays blank and no videos appear in the destination-folder which I have selected.

Many thanks in advance,

H AAsked:
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Hi HA, just saw your question,
what I do is just play the video a little bit so that it gets part of the video in my temp files
then I open YTD pro and copy the URL and if there is a playlist YTD pro will ask me do I want to download all
if I say ok it loads them in queued,
I don't use any get video URL.
Maybe that's your problem, try playing it first as YTD needs to identify with video get a hook so to speak
YTD pro listI just opened my YTD pro  I get the offer to install the latest.
Are you using the latest version.
Latest version
YTD pro version 4.8.4

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H AAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete,

Another user has pointed out that downloading from you tube is prohibited (even for personal use). I haven't looked it up myself, but maybe it is true.

Have a nice Sunday,

Yes I saw that too. It's just cause it's a public forum HA,  if you search EE you'll likely find old posts.
Not everyone uses it for private use only that's the problem. EE is not a private forum.
You'd remember the old VCR and recording TV was illegal yet we all did for personal use  at home no where near any public, it had the record button and millions were sold world wide.
EE has grown world wide so we have to be careful what we say show members how to do stuff, no links we post etc because of the public aspect.
Don't encourage others how to break the laws even for private use but  remember the video you download may not be free to the public.
EE has been be held responsible in the past with fines. So I have all the respect for it as well.
If you want to ask a question try to point it to your own stuff just to cover the public forum perspective.
Youtube downloader pro or free is not illegal it's how we use it and what we download with it.
Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

It is not illegal to download your own family and friends video if they own them.
A lot of the video on youtube is copyrighted especially TV stuff and movies music if you don't own it., there has been a slow introduction of pay per view only a couple of dollars.
The free stuff well until someone reports it and they get deleted they will still appear there for a short time.
I had a piece of music on one of my slideshows removed and it became a silent movie.
I didn't get into any trouble over it as it was just a small piece but it did wake me up to what we post  in the public.
Once it is in the public we don't have any control over who uses it for what.
Youtube cannot mediate what is copyrighted only when someone reports it to them.
Those Games Movies don't have that option as they are made by individuals.
There is some laws that state after a certain period of time, maybe 60 years older movies they are made public.
The rules have been changed a couple of years back but in reality it has always been illegal.
When we upload video/music  to Youtube we sign an agreement that we own the rights to it just as others  post above their video they don't own the rights to it.
The era of free on the internet is slowly ending and that's fair enough too as so many people have lost income because of it.
Now we have iTunes and Apps that we can buy the music track for a dollar.
The internet has slowed because of the amount of downloading going on.
There is so much free to watch these days no need to keep it really.
If I watch a movie and stop it remembers my position and will play from there next time I go back. Pretty cool.
So if you want to ask a question about youtube downloader point it to a copyright free doco or something or don't ask here,some members have included their emails for contact outside of questions.
Try googling some of those answers or even go to Youtube Help itself.
Youtube is now owned by Google and we have to have a Google+ account did you know?
YouTube can give you all the answers
Download YouTube videos
In general, downloading videos that other people have posted on YouTube is not allowed. However, you can download MP4s of your own uploads
Video quality
Learn about copyright on YouTube
There is an apps for Iphone and mobile devices so you can watch YouTube
Open the App Store and type "YouTube" into the search box.
Find the YouTube app by Google, Inc and tap the "Install" button
Have a Nice week end and thankyou
H AAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete, ... I didn't know that back in the 80's we weren't allowed to record TV shows on a VCR. I guess I did it just like anyone else.

Thanks again,

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