SQL Select - String match option

Is it possible to have SQL Select that can compare words in string column from one file to another?  I need a SQL statement that can tell me the number of words that match between tow files.  

For example;  Let's say I have two files each contain one column containing a string of words.

File 1 - MatchString
Consumer Credit Report
Commerical Credit Report
FICO Score and Income Report
Commerical Assest and Income Report

File 2 - MatchString
Credit Report Category
Credit Score Category
Asset Category

Expected Results
Source File      Match-Field1      Match-Field2           Match Word Count
MatchFile1      Consumer Credit Report            
MatchFile2   Credit Report Category                             2
MatchFile1      Commerical Credit Report            
MatchFile2     Credit Report Category                     1
MatchFile2     Credit Score Category                             1
MatchFile1      FICO Score and Income Report            
MatchFile2      Credit Score Category                             1
MatchFile1      Commerical Assest and Income Report            
MatchFile2      N/A                                                             0
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You can try to do so with a help of a FULL TEXT INDEX. I have created a small example here
Basically, you create a full text index on one of your tables. Then use the words from the second table as a keywords for the CONTAINS function. You will need to do so using a cursor.
    create table t1 (id int NOT NULL, t varchar(2000));
    create table t2 (id int NOT NULL, t varchar(2000));
    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ui_t1 ON t1(id);
    INSERT INTO t1 values
    (1, 'Andrew was here'),
    (2, 'Pete sleeps here');
    INSERT INTO t2 values
    (1, 'Pete was here'),
    (2, 'Andrew sleeps here');
    declare @t varchar(2000)
    declare @id int
    declare c CURSOR FOR SELECT id, t FROM t2
    OPEN c 
    FETCH NEXT FROM c INTO @id, @t
      set @t = REPLACE(@t, ' ', ' OR ')
      select *, @t, @id from t1 where contains(t, @t)
      FETCH NEXT FROM c INTO @id, @t
    CLOSE c

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Unfortunately , the SQL Fiddle at the link above does not show the correct output. I have tried it on a SQL Server and it works. Try it on your server and advise how it goes

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Do you really mean files or should be tables?
Because if it is really files you have better options than SQL Server to do the job.
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