changing format of getdate to include yyy-mon-....

how can you change the normal getdate() to the a format like:

specifically, how to change 08 to Aug like in the above example and how to more precision beyond millisecond?

this is for sql 2012

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Phillip BurtonDirector, Practice Manager and Computing ConsultantCommented:
1. To get "Aug", you should use:

select left(datename(mm,getdate()),3)

2. To get more milliseconds, instead of using Getdate(), you should use:

select sysdatetime()
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
It is this that you want?

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Randy PooleCommented:
Select format(getdate(),'yyyy MMM dd HH mm ss FFFFFFF')

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This will also give you up to 6 digits 3 for milliseconds and 3 for macroseconds

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25112Author Commented:
thanks - we are getting close.
    Select format(sysdatetime() ,'yyyy MMM dd HH mm ss FFFFFFF')
  Select format(GETDATE() ,'yyyy MMM dd HH mm ss FFFFFFF')
2014 Sep 16 09 46 43 7699724
2014 Sep 16 09 46 43 767 (4 precision less than the above)

what we need is ( without the 2 extra digits with sysdatetime)
2014 Sep 16 09 46 43 767__
25112Author Commented:
sorry- I do see it now.

   Select format(sysdatetime() ,'yyyy MMM dd HH mm ss FFFFF')

thanks all.
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