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We have one office in the west coast and one in the east coast where at the most 2 users in each site need access to the same folder.  To clarify, user1 in the east coast would need to work on a folder which resides on the west coast server and another user in the west coast site needs access to folders that resided on the east coast server.  They are currently doing this thru the mpls devices on each site that controls the traffic for their phone system.  I advised them not to do this since the phone traffic has priority and passing data packets between sites would bog the system down since its only a 1.5mps line.  My question is would there be a way to put the folders that the users wanna share on separate local dedicated machines one on each site and run some type of replication software so that it would alleviate the slow traffic and would no longer have to use the phone line connection and secondly they would be able to make changes to the files and the change would be replicated to the dedicated machine on the other site?  Was thinking of setting up a vpn between the 2 machines and the traffic would run thru the T1 lines at each office.
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Surely you have access to better internet-based connections than 1.5Mbps?
I would use them with a VPN.
Note that the slowest speed, up OR down,  will determine the VPN performance since data is going up on one end and down on the other.  So, it's limited by the slowest part of the link between sites.

You might also consider "cloud" based file storage because "fast down" and "slow up" might work for you just fine.  That is, people are generally in a hurry to get access to a file but not so much worried about how long it takes to "save".  You didn't say that file access was somehow cooperative between sites (at least in "real time") - not like a database at one site and access to it from the other site.  That would be, or could be, rather different in terms of responsiveness and satisfaction.
dankyle67Author Commented:
The speed of the line they use to connect both offices phone lines is the 1.5 but the internet connection they have is a separate line which runs around 20mps so thats the one i want to use for the vpn.  I had this all set up with a site to site vpn which was running fine for 3yrs and they decided they wanted to use their voip system to carry their data as well which just wont work with the existing speed.  The cloud based scenario is a good idea, they are price conscious so dont know how that will sit with them.  Any suggestions on a good provider for this?  Problem is the folder they wanna share is around 80g.  That would probably be expensive.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Yes, the VOIP connection isn't adequate as a data connection.
I would go back to the internet-based VPN.  What's the disadvantage of that?

I don't have any first-hand experience with cloud-based storage but I do see a lot of DropBox use.
It appears they offer 5 TB for 5 users, with more as your team grows for $795/year or $75/mo and nothing below that price.
Microsoft OneDrive appears to be less money and capacities are likely no problem at 80GB for any of them.
The VPN shouldn't really cost anything except your time to maintain it.
The DropBox approach likely has more flexibility with laptops moving around, etc.

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dankyle67Author Commented:
Great, thanks for the good advice.
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