I do not want news about a company from the company itself

Please add or subtract zones.

When I do a google search about a product, I scroll down in results because I do not want to see the articles at the top of results written by the company

firestone tire rollover
firestone.com states rollovers are in the past
other websites show pictures of websites

bp oil spill
bp.com states oil spill is cleaned up
other websites show pictures of animals with oil

paypal freeze
paypal.com states there may be a freeze of 3 weeks in new accounts
other websites write of 2 year holds

what is the way to search google

company -company.com
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DrDamnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
paypal freeze -"paypal.com"

Use quotes
Lucas BishopConnect With a Mentor Click TrackerCommented:
company -site:company.com


Here are all of the "Search Operators" you can use:

Here are the advanced search options in Google, so you can refine even further:
rgb192Author Commented:
Both worked great. Thanks.
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