System cannot access one or more event logs after upgrade to Windows 2012 R2

I recently upgraded a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 virtual VMware server to Windows 2012 R2.  The upgrade went well and all applications are functioning properly.  The only hiccup that I have is when I open the Server Manager Dashboard I get a warning the says "Refresh completed with one or more warning messages".  In the Details I get the following:

Configuration refresh message:  the system cannot access one or more event logs because of insufficient access rights, file corruption, or other reasons.  For more information, see the Operational channel in the ServerManagerProvider error log on the target server.

Okay, no problem, I'm logged in as a domain admin so I don't think I really have a permissions issue so here I come Google.  Not surprisingly I find a few posts that point to removing the Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic registry key.  I don't see that one in my registry.  I find another article that talks about deleting 4 other registry keys:


I do that and still no love.   Please help if you have any further words of wisdom.

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Hi blkfoot,

have you verified the permissions on the C:\windows\system32\winevt this needs to have permissions for "eventlog" user and authenticated users normally these two accounts have special permissions.

Try setting the permissions on this folder and confirm if this fixes your issue.

The above link gives the SID of eventlog account.

Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Before doing that, I would always clear the event logs because, most of the time, one of them actually got corrupted.
blkfootAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Bhanu.  I verified the permission you asked about above as well as the KB article and all of the permissions are correctly set.  I still get the same error.

Thanks, Davis.  I did clear EVERY log and I still get the same error.
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
What version of VMware and the 2012 is a guest (meaning virtualized)?
blkfootAuthor Commented:
We are running vmWare 5.5 and yes the Windows 2012 R2 server is virtualized.
blkfootAuthor Commented:
I guess I should add a little more history to this server in case it's relevant.  This was a physical server that we cloned to vmWare 4.0 and then recently upgraded to vmWare 5.5.  It has always been Windows 2008 R2 though since we virtualized it.
Leave out virtualization, it does not operate at that layer.
To find your problem, please run procmon while provoking the error, then search procmon's log for "access denied".
blkfootAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I'll give this a try as soon as my application upgrade finishes and let you know what I find.
blkfootAuthor Commented:
Sorry, McKnife.  I forgot to respond to this.  I ran procmon but did not find any access denied when I recreated the problem.  I did find that I was having a problem with one of my third party apps though on this server that required me to build a replacement server and migrate away from this server.

I think I had more problems with my upgrade than I thought.

Thanks all for your efforts but this time a rebuild was required.

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Alright, no problem... glad it worked out for you.
Others forget their threads for several weeks and then come back as if nothing's happened ;)
blkfootAuthor Commented:
I had to rebuild this server for other reasons so I didn't need to continue pursuing a solution.
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