gc record missing sbs 2003 no bdc

my site with one SBS 2003 domain controller seems to have lost its gc record in the dns.  dcdiag /fix fails on fsmo fails on gc.
Did metadata clean up, stop and restarted netlogon.

I have goes as far as to seize the role.

How to I recreate the gc record in dns ?
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HalCHubConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed it by turning on gc on dc :)
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Is your DNS suffix correct on the problematic DC ?
Seen this problem before a few years back and it was related to a DNS suffix mismatch.

MS had also an article about it but seems to be missing.
Try to load a cached version from Google.
HalCHubAuthor Commented:
its a sbs 2003 and yes it is
HalCHubAuthor Commented:
I found the answer myself
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