Outlook displaying random characters when forwarding undelivered messages

Have an interesting issue at a site..
When people send mail to incorrect email addresses & get a bounce.... they then click forward to send this on to internal contact (same exchange)
Thats when the message changes to Chinese and sometime random characters.... attached photo

Outlook 2013 running on 2008r2 terminal server
Clustered exchange 2013 SP1
Hyper V environment

Any help appreciated

Thomas NZSystems EngineerAsked:
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Its a feature I have noticed i believe secuirty as the message went out and is a type of encrytion but didnt get no response so came back in your network still encrypted as the other server didnt get no response so was unable to decrypt the message

Question- why do you need to forward the bounce back internally is it to report to IT about the bounce back or is it to show someone the content of the below email you tried to forward.

If it has nothing to do with showing the bounce back, then go to your sent items and forward the message you initally tried to send that displasy in normal characters like this it will display normally
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Have you tried forwarding from OWA ?
Looks like some encoding.
Check the encoding format on oultook.
sorry i totally misread your email, what happens if you copy the bounce back email and send to yourself in a fresh new email ?

Also what happens if you forward the bounce back message as an attahcment?
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Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
@ George - Forwarding from OWA works fine
@ Stef95  Pating into a new email work fine.... only when forwarding it changes.

Ive tried changing the international option ( Autoselect encoding for outgoing emails)
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Well, if OWA worsk fine then the problem is the outlook client.
Try with a new Outlook profile and see if that helps.
Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
New profile doesn't fix this issue and it's happening for all users. Only had this brought to our attention after the exchange 2013 migration.  Don't think this happened with 2007
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Have you tried to force Unicode (UTF-8) instead ? What about when you forward in Plain Text instead of HTML ?
Is this happening only forwarding NDR ?
What is your default browser ? And what is the default encoding on IE ?
Have you tried to force Unicode (UTF-8) instead ?
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Also try to edit the EdgeTransport.exe.config on the Edge / Cas servers.
Make a backup of it then look for it on the BIN folder of the Exchange install path.
Add this line :
<add key="DisableDetectEncodingFromMetaTag" value="true" />

Restart the transport service on all cas server roles and test.
Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Ill add the Key tonight and see how i go.
Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Have changed they key but can only reboot the servers this weekend. Restarted the service and tested but no luck
Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Adding this key <add key="DisableDetectEncodingFromMetaTag" value="true" />     Didn't make a difference.

Any other suggestions?
Network ServicesCommented:
We had the same issue.  To fix the issue was had to change the Transport Config to not send InternalDSN emails as HTML.  I used the following command for each server running the Transport service.

Get-TransportService -Identity [SERVER NAME HERE] | set-TransportConfig -InternalDsnSendHtml $False

You can get that list by running:


Hope this helps.
Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the Comments

We were able to resolve this issue by running the below windows update For Outlook 2013



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Thomas NZSystems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Windows Released a Hotfix that addresses this issue.
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