Best Audio Editing Software/Cool Edit Pro Registration

Let's start with the Cool Edit Pro Registration quandry. Please note that very early this year I had posted a question regarding installing CEP, but this is not a repeat of that.

This ancient program (which Adobe bought from Syntrillium and converted into Audition) loaded and ran in Windows 8 with a few minor tweaks, but now I have a Windows 7 computer and am experiencing a somewhat different problem: the registration.

The backstory is important here: I bought Cool Edit Pro 2.1 from Syntrillium directly around 1998. After they were out of the picture (and Adobe announced the end of support), I managed to lose my registration information. I found what was advertised as a working copy with valid registration(which you had to enter manually) on eBay, and while it was pricey, I popped for it to continue using Cool Edit Pro, as it met my needs well. Matter of fact, that registration is in working copies of CEP in two other computers in my house right now.

Fact: I later learned that the registration name that came with that eBay copy was indeed an illegal copy. "Marco Hardmeier" and the ID number apparenty opened a LOT of bootleg copies.

So today, I installed CEP on to the new laptop I bought running Windows 7 and to my surprise and delight, it installed flawlessly. I went through the usual registration steps using my user name and ID number--and it did not work. Now, with no support from Adobe and Syntrillium being just a memory, and my having been a legitimate customer way back when, I searched online for ANY applicable name and number to get it cranked up again. "Marco" is still out there along with many others--but none I tried would open up the 21-day trial period to full access.

I am not interested in downloading a "crack" (many on YouTube) but I would like to get CEP cranked up on the new computer for use while I'm traveling away from home.

So, question # 1: any solution to this odd dilemma?

And that leads to "Best Audio Editing Software...."

My guess is that I'll simply have to buy another audio editing software. I don't need to buy a Super-Ultra-Deluxe program; I do need one that will essentially allow me to edit 3-5 audio tracks (mp3 format, stereo) to create a radio-type announcement with voice and music, and one other process, namely just appending one mp3 track to another to be saved as a single file. Other than that, I don't need a ton of bells and whistles.

I've looked around and have ruled out Audacity and Wavepad, am not interested in Audition, and figured it would be best to post this question here. I would ask that you have actual experience working with audio editing software so you can respond from a hands-on experiential viewpoint.

I know this has been a lot of reading, so thanks in advance. What solution(s) can you recommend?
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RadioGeorge do you have any video editing tools such as Nero full suite or Cyberlink Power Director
incorporated into these two is a audio editor
Nero and CyberlinkThe best
Avs Audio editor about 43 dollars
Cut, join, trim, mix, delete parts, split audio files.
Apply various effects and filters. Record audio from various inputs. Save files to all key audio formats
n-Track Studio
MixPad Multitrack Recording Software
Sound mixing software for audio and music production 

REAPER is digital audio workstation software: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. $60:  discounted license for personal use.

Ashampoo Music Studio 5 $29.99
GoldWave about 54 dollars
Digital Audio Editor free but take care of any add ons has a good rating 

With Cool Edit Pro  I'd say your registration would be online in their database?
Can use it without registering?
To restore the default ClickFix presets when using Adobe Audition 1.0 and 1.5, follow these steps:
SYNTRILLIUM COOL EDIT PRO some info if you have not read this
Good Luck

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RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. Let me respond.

This computer did not come with any audio programs except for Windows Media Player.

I've seen Cyberlink Power Director but wasn't impressed with the audio part (Cool Edit Pro spoils you once you've worked with it!) and I found Nero, years ago, to be less than what I need for my work.

You motivated me to do an eBay search for Adobe Audition, to see if there might be an older copy in a box since Adobe has gone cloud crazy, and I found a new 3.0 one for $6.68 in England! Grabbed it, and if it doesn't work, I'll be the next seller of it on eBay.

The review from is from 2002, and should have been removed years ago. Syntrillium was bought out by Adobe, and when that happened, the user database basically ceased to exist, which is probably why the user name and I.D. will not unlock the 21-day trial limitation.

I will check out the others you suggest, most of which I did not see listed in several searches I did yesterday, and post a followup comment later.
RadioGeorge Yes I completely understand once you have an excellent tool no others will do, you know  that's exactly what I do as well, go to eBay and buy a cheaper version of the software I love. I found a newer version of Coral Paintshop pro for 6 dollars and managed to get both the digital download and the actual setup disc .
The upgrades usually remove the best bits so I am leary of upgradable offers as it just brings in cloud based storage mobile devices and 3D.
Nero completely changed it's core so I have Nero 10 sitting on shelf and just use Nero 7 ultimate for the Nero photo snap viewer.
I loved Power Director 9 and they upgraded my version online as a trial test and I could never go back to the 9 from the 10 version very unhappy with it now it just incorporated this 3D stuff.

You were lucky to find a legitimate copy well done as I see you were stung once.
Pity Adobe is so expensive.
Here in Australia the laws are changing and preventing us from buying overseas/ restrictions and sites are being blocked..  Australia's version of Adobe products is a lot dearer.
Lets hope it installs without the older version.
You have a Microsoft account? just in case? One Drive?

I have both versions of my PSP 7 and 9  here on my windows 7 x 32 running perfectly fine..
All this cloud storage is not my cup of tea. I'm old school and like a disc in my hands with a COA and a software key.
If your interested I use a software called FL Studio. The Producer edition, it was really cheap 7 years ago, now this also has too many facets to choose between but it does some cool stuff,  it has become too complex and cloud based, too many plugins have to be purchased separately.

I have no problems with using Audacity  to append and work with multi track overlays.
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RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

First. some comments on your comments.

Nope, no Microsoft account. I try to avoid MS as much as possible because they have convinced me they're a rather self-centered bunch who, while making and updating very useful products, do not understand that some people are content to drive a car for many years as opposed to trading theirs in every three years or so. Their "help" pages online are pretty much worthless, and as I've learned in my frustrating almost-year's worth of using Windows 8, they flat out lie about older software being 100% incompatible with their upgraded systems.

Like you, I am old school when it comes to cloud use and storage. Give me backup hard drive and DVDs any day. The lack of ability to have my materials and info where I can reach out and physically get them does not sit well with me. The almost daily news on big companies here in the U.S. being hacked makes me wonder how long it will be before the same thing happens to cloud-based storage, which could wipe out files for millions of people without hope of restoration.

Now, after spending the better part of the past couple of days downloading and trying out various audio editing programs, I have the answer to this posting!

None of the programs I looked at came close except for Mix Pad and Wave Pad from NCH. I would need both to do what I need to do, as neither one by itself had the capabilities I need. I downloaded the trial versions and started warming up to them by actually doing a weekly task which consists of making an mp3 file that is a show promo, adding  the broadcast time over the tail end of a pre-produced mp3 announcement. Worked great..for the first two. When I went to do the mixdown on the third, up popped a box saying essentially "OK, we know what you want/need to do, but that's your free trial, bucko. End of session. You're not finishing this project."

Good-bye, NCH.

A little later after getting away from the madness, two thoughts popped into my head.

The first is that I really don't need a solution. I take 5-7 trips each year of 1-2 weeks each during which I need to do some audio updating (once a week). Cool Edit Pro WORKS on my new's just that it will stop after 21 days.

So if I were to install CEP before I travel to do the weekly tasks as usual and then upon my return, uninstall it (great, fast, thorough, free uninstall program: IObit Uninstaller), and reinstall it just before the next trip, I do not have a problem. The install takes maybe 3 minutes, so it's not as if it's a giant hassle week in and week out---just a short task every now and then.

This will be my M.O. starting immediately.

Since I own the program, the company that produced it sold it and Adobe stopped support and sales of it, I see no problem in outsourcing the task to a freelancer of modifying the guts of it to bypass the 21-day restriction, and if that's possible, voila,
the ultimate solution.

So, you get all the points this time for being the only one to respond and for providing the path, crooked as it was, to find the solution that works for me!
RadioGeorge thank you good to know I helped a little.
with your old cool edit pro did you "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" and find this  ce2kreg from windows 8?
All you should require is the  install executable, your licence key and ce2kreg.exe.
The time is coming where we are nolonger able to purchase the hardware a Disc,, actually it's already started, video editors /  games  we can only buy a digital license and payable yearly. Like renting it.
It's stored in cloud
There is no software installer downloaded.

RadioGeorgeOwner/ProgrammerAuthor Commented:

The CEP2REG program was included on the CD that I have which contains 2 other programs, CEP2.0 and CEP2.1  The .0 version did not load properly (ever), but the .1 version has always loaded fine.

An interesting twist has taken place since I made my EE entry last night. I reinstalled CEP2.1 and passed the non-functioning user name entry screen to get the the start of the 21-day run, and discovered that that 21-day run, while it allows you full access to ALL the features, only processes and saves the first 60 seconds of audio! What a bust!

However, I then remembered something I had almost totally forgotten. I have a netbook with a fully working version of Cool Edit! I haven't used it in quite a while. Cranked it up, all just fine, so for the time being I am literally good to go with very little, if any, grief!
That's great RadioGeorge
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