Installing IIS for Dell RAID software on Exchange Server 2007


I need to install IIS for Dell RAID controller program (IIS is part of its prerequisite) on Windows server 2008 r2 (this is DC) which is running Exchange server 2007.

I already added two SAS disks to the server and configured them in raid 1. The disk is being used for exchange database. But there is no software installed yet and I cannot manage the RAID unless I have software to manage.

Before installing Dell RAID software, one of the system requirements is IIS. I was wondering it might affect the Exchange server after the installation.

Would this affect Exchange? if it does, how can I install the software without affecting Exchange?
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I don't understand your problem. If you have already setup the disks as RAID 1, they are already setup and ready to use. You can manage them via the RAID controller's BIOS if needed. I also don't really see any reason why IIS should be installed before or after the RAID controller's Windows utility. It really makes absolutely no difference when what is installed. I also don't see why it exchange should be a problem, it has nothing to do with it.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
IIS is already installed somewhere as Exchange server uses it for OWA so the answer it depends upon the software you want to install .. it may need more features than what you already have installed, which is not a problem.  A potential problem is WHERE you install the software.. preferably you create a new website and change the bindings for this management software to use in your web browser i.e. port 80/443 is already in use so use another port or use a specific NAME i.e. http://dellmanage.myserver.xxxx . it will probably want to install in the default instance which is in my experience a bad option but you can always move it later on.unless it hard codes http:\\servername\dellmanage
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
what model server?
you don't need IIS for OpenManage Server Administrator as it already has it's own web server components
it won't affect your exchange install
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EducadAuthor Commented:
Rindi, How could I know if there is a disk error without the RAID software?  I am trying to install Dell Open Manage Enssential to manage RAID so if there is disk failure I know which one I should replace. Is this incorrect?
EducadAuthor Commented:
Seth, Server model is PowerEdge T110 it is old server. I was trying to install OpenManage Essential not the OpenManage Server Administrator. Which one would be right to manage RAID on this server?
Since you just setup RAID I doubt the disks will fail right away, unless you used desktop disks instead of enterprise class disks (and then your priority should be to change that, never use not enterprise class disks in a RAID array). So having the RAID utility software installed doesn't need to be on the top priority. You can still check the state of the array using the controller's BIOS utility when you start the server.

A further tool Dell includes in their servers is the DRAC module. You set it up with a separate IP and then connect to that via a web-browser, and it should show you the health of all the server's components, including the disks and the RAID array. For that you don't need to install any additional software on the server, but often there are firmware updates available for it, so make sure it is up-to-date (as all other firmware on the server too).

I'd install OpenManage Server Admin, but again, the order of installation makes no difference.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
A further tool Dell includes in their servers is the DRAC module.

that model doesn't have that option; only BMC
iDRAC is an option starting with the T320

you can use OMSA 7.4 for that server

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node(windows - 64 bit) v.7.4

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EducadAuthor Commented:
rindi, I cannot just check state of disk array in BIOS as I manage the server remotely and it is Exchange server so I reboot the server when there are Windows security patches once a months (also done remotely). I added two SAS 15K disks and put them in RAID 1 and then I assigned them disk letters using disk management in Windows. Is this incorrect procedure? or did I miss something?
I didn't say you needn't install the management software, but rather that this shouldn't be the top priority, and it shouldn't care on what server role you install first or later. You can install it when you are ready. Also, when you install the disks you are probably at the location, as that is a hands on task.

Sure you first install the disks, then setup the array. After that you use diskmanagement to create partitions on the array and assign a drive-letter to the partition.
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