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Posted on 2014-09-18
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Last Modified: 2014-09-22
I am doing this:
RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value, RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " ","")

I believe the space added to the"lookfor" field I believe will stop "c 320 " having "c 32" causing a problem.

If the lookfor field word is not in the string RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value will the replace function just not do anything?

I am in vba
Question by:PeterBaileyUk
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Accepted Solution

Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE) earned 1000 total points
ID: 40330038
Correct on both points.  Space means it will need "c 320 " and if not found, will not do anything.

LVL 24

Assisted Solution

by:Phillip Burton
Phillip Burton earned 1000 total points
ID: 40330041
That is correct - if RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " " is not there, it will not do anything.

However, your current code with not find the word if it is at the end of the phrase, as you are looking for that extra space.

Therefore, I suggest:

RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Trim(Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value & " ", RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " ",""))
LVL 58
ID: 40330044
BTW, good way to test things out like this is the immediate (debug window).  In the VBA editor, press Ctrl/G.

Here you can do things like:

? Replace("c 320abc", "c 320 ")


If <some condition> = True then Debug.Print "YES"

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Author Comment

ID: 40330047
damn that could be an issue how do i cure that?

and a space to RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value & " "

i know i have c 320 and c 32 that could technically come at end of string
LVL 24

Expert Comment

by:Phillip Burton
ID: 40330050
I suggest:

RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Trim(Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value & " ", RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " ",""))

Author Comment

ID: 40332567
Just trying it now, i checked the data and some model data was at the end of the string as predicted, one other question is replace function case sensitive? i dont want it to be.
LVL 24

Expert Comment

by:Phillip Burton
ID: 40332577
My solution above deals with the "end of the string" problem.

The Replace function is not case sensitive. For example,


results in


Author Comment

ID: 40332725
thx I am just testing to see if the replace is is working it looks like its leaving models at the end:

 " RemoVE 318TD"

this one was left
LVL 24

Expert Comment

by:Phillip Burton
ID: 40332732
And are you looking for 318TD?

Are you using this code:

RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Trim(Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value & " ", RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " ",""))

Author Comment

ID: 40332998
yes its here you can see the two recordsets one contains the strings of words and the other the model in lookfor field

Private Sub BtnRemoveModelData_Click()
Dim Db As DAO.Database
Set Db = CurrentDb()
Dim RstAutoRange As DAO.Recordset
Set RstAutoRange = Db.OpenRecordset("QryTblProcess")
Dim wordcount As Long
Dim RstWordGroups As DAO.Recordset

Dim ClientWords As Variant
 Dim x As Long
Dim WordToRemove As String

Dim strSQL As String
Dim Tempconcatenated As String
strSQL = "SELECT ClientWordGroups.concatenated, ClientWordGroups.ManufacturerName, ClientWordGroups.Client, ClientWordGroups.ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval, " _
& "ClientWordGroups.MarqueAlias, ClientWordGroups.OriginalString, ClientWordGroups.Groups, ClientWordGroups.ConcatenatedUnwantedRemovalCopy" _
& " FROM ClientWordGroups" _
& " WHERE (((ClientWordGroups.Groups) Is Not Null));"
Debug.Print strSQL

Set RstWordGroups = Db.OpenRecordset(strSQL)

    countrecords = RstWordGroups.RecordCount

DoCmd.SetWarnings False

With RstWordGroups

    countrecords = .RecordCount

 'cycle through the recordset
    Do Until RstWordGroups.EOF

        With RstAutoRange
            Do Until RstAutoRange.EOF
            If RstAutoRange.Fields("PreserveWord").Value = False Then
'            RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value, RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value, "RemoVE")
            RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Trim(Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value & " ", RstAutoRange.Fields("lookfor").Value & " ", "RemoVE"))
            'preserved word
            End If
        End With
'            RstWordGroups.Edit
'            RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value = Replace(RstWordGroups.Fields("ConcatenatedUnwantedRemoval").Value, "Remove", " RemoVE ")
'            RstWordGroups.Update

End With

MsgBox "finished extended data pre clean"

End Sub

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