Suggestions for slow Internet

Our company has bonded T1's that amount to about 4-5 Mbps Down/Up.  We have about 20-25 people on this connection at any given time. When it's a full house you can expect that speed to drop to 2-3 and it starts to crawl.

 We are a predominantly web based company in that we use a web app as our main business app, a hosted Exchange, and then  the usual other web traffic.  I'm talking with my boss because we've had some complaints recently about slow down and I'd like to help bring resolution to it.  IMO we need a faster internet service but I know there's also some qos stuff I could do to give priority to our web app and hosted exchange (although I suspect the people complaining about speed are trying to use FB ;)  

We have Sonicwall 2400 appliance and 2 static IP's that connect via 1 cable from the ISP's box.  My boss has set up rules to send some LAN IP's downstream to our second IP but I'm not really sure that's helping since it's still going through 1 cable. Need some advice?!
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Vontech615Author Commented:
I'd like to add that we also have smartphones and tablets on this connections as well and voip phones.
I don't know your appliance, so I can't give only some basic advice ...

I there's an option to prioritze traffic going from/to certain stations, you possibly could prioritzze their service and leave the resulting gaps for the rest. But I think there's another way ...

You told that there are several IPs for routing the traffic in. Possibly your provider could prioritze on of them at HIS router, so the inbound traffic could be separated into "First Class" and "Economy" prior to entering your cable, and possibly you could do the same for the outbound traffic. On the other side that would strain the patience of the your employees sitting on the slow end.

If that's not possible, you could unbond the T1's and use them in 2 groups - one for the servers, one for the crowd. The bandwdth distribution is not that flexible in that case, but you could separate the traffic very strict.

The best way would be to beef up your connection, if technically possible. I think you should have a talk with other providers, i.e. cable TV companies. In my country they offer 150Down/5Up with no volume restriction for small amounts to private people. That could easily be tuned to i.e. 50 up/down for a biz, I presume, o be bonded together for even more bandwidth.
Vontech615Author Commented:
Our provider is Earthlink and they are next to worthless unfortunately.  It would take me hours to get anyone that knew what I was talking about #1 and #2 that person probably still wouldn't do anything.

So what we did was just set up a group on the Sonicwall to be routed out the second interface.  We set up IP reservations in the DHCP server so this group always gets the same IP.  Then we set up bandwidth management to give this group more available bandwidth then the second group.  The second group includes employees that are only here some of the time and employee's with "lesser" roles. ;) So long story short, we have it working. Thanks for your reply and technically your still right because beefing up the connection would really solve a lot of this but I'm not holding my breath.

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Vontech615Author Commented:
With the given suggestion from frankhelk I was able to come to solution.
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