How to Install SFTP on Windows 2003

Hello Experts
I have a client which which will send order files to a secured FTP server for me to download and process them.
We currently on IIS and WIndows 2003 server which is hosted on 1and1 dedicated servers.
Please can someone advice if there is any free software I could use or a software which is not very expensive to use?
john hillceoAsked:
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If you're after a command line (text) client I'd suggest using PuTTY and its SFTP client "PSFTP".

Download PuTTY and PSFTP here:

The documentation is here:

If you're after a GUI (graphical) client try WinSCP:

It can do SCP (remote copy via SSH), plain FTP and SFTP (FTP over SSH).

The docs are here:

Both are free. Should you have further questions please let us know.

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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If the client is going to upload to a FTP site that you are not managing then you can use FileZilla to connect to the SFTP server to download the files.  If you are going to manage and administer the SFTP site then you need to create a secure FTP server.  Use FileZilla as it is opensource.
john hillceoAuthor Commented:
Hello both
Thanks for your input, I have to manage the server and archiving the files etc.
They will put the order file on to this server and I have to write an API to automatically connects to this server, download and process orders.
I trust both the above options WinSCP and Filezilla are safe to install it on our web server running on Windows 2003 OS.
Thank you.
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john hillceoAuthor Commented:
I am after setting up an SFTP server not just the client though.
FileZilla has a server component, but not for SFTP!

Generally it's sufficient to run the SSH server process (SSHD) on a machine to make it an SFTP server.

As for the client:

If you're going to develop an API client I think you'll be better off with PSFTP and PuTTY, because it's command line oriented and can easily be batched.
john hillceoAuthor Commented:
Hi woolmilkporc
Thank you again for your reply.
Do you still advice me to install Filezilla server on my web server and I should be able to enable SFTP feature?
The main reason for this that, one of my customer who wants to send orders to SFTP server hosted on our end so that I can go pick and process orders electronically.
Would they be able to connect Filezilla SFTP server from their end to put order files?
I am sorry for being novice on this but I really hope you understand what I am trying to say.
FileZilla Server does not support SFTP!

There are very few free SSH/SFTP servers for Windows around.

Core FTP "Miniserver" is free and supports SFTP. It lacks some security options, but is functional nonetheless:

The full blown Core server is not free. Purchase prices are from ~ $$ 50 to ~ $$ 400:

A rather good (but not free) server is MobaSSH Professional:

The mandatory first year maintenance fee is ~ $$ 70. You can renew the maintenance or continue running the fully featured server without further maintenance (updates).

Forget MobaSSH "Home". It isn't really functional!

Wikipedia has a list of FTP server software:
Fjodr SoyevskjiCTOCommented:
You may also want to check out Server! which is not free, but provides an excellent level of integration with the OS and - if needed - the Windows user database and/or the Active Directory. It supports SFTP as well as FTPS and FTPES, with the most modern encryption and key-exchange algorithms.
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