Error when connecting external usb drive on Windows Server 2012 - The driver \Driver\UASPStor failed to load for the device

I've been using external hard drives to backup my server for the past 6 months and recently the external USB hard drives stopped working (not recognized).

The event log reports Event ID 219 (Source: Kernel-PnP) when connecting the drive.

The device manager reports an issue with the "USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device"

Device status reports: Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for "safe removal", but it has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47)  To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.

So far the only resolution has been to restart the server prior to running the backup job. Upon reboot the drive is detected and works fine. It's when I go to swap the drive that I have an issue with the next drive not being recognized. Whether or not I just disconnect the drive or use the Safe Removal function, the next drive will not work until I reboot.

I have attempted to update the driver (USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device) but Windows Updates indicates it is current.

Driver Date: 6/21/2006
Version: 6.2.9200.16384

Server: Dell PE T320
OS: Windows Server 2012
I've installed latest bios and chipset drivers from Dell's website.

Suggestions please...
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Try the following: in device manager uninstall all USB devices. Restart the server and let the drivers install themselves.
Are the drives using externsl power? Or is the power supplied by USB port?
for connecting / disconnecting, i found safely Remove very good :
itcokAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.

I was able to trace the problem back to the Trend Micro Security Agent RealTime Scan service (v9).

For a temporary fix (waiting for official fix from Trend Micro Support), I've had to create a scheduled task to stop and restart the service (ntrtscan.exe) which will allow the drive to be successfully recognized.

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itcokAuthor Commented:
Problem identified and resolved.
I just upgrade to Trend 9.0 and see the same issue when connecting a USB drive.  What was the fix besides the scheduled task to stop/start service?
Sorry to bump this but just to add to this. I updated to Version 9 sp1 with patch B2453 applied and its still happening. Doesn't sound like Trend have rushed to fix this.

Just called Trend Micro about this. If anyone has this problem in the future ask for the hotfix build 2520. I can't find it on the website though.
itcokAuthor Commented:
Trend Micro support sent me a modified tmcomm.sys file which resolved my issue.

Hope this helps!
Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:

If possible do you have a case reference number that I can point them too?

We are experiencing the same problem on Trend Micro Worry Free Business V9

I have this problem with a client too (Server 2012 R2 Essentials with USB backup disks). I can confirm that unloading the Trend Micro Security Agent from the System tray  (which stops the RealTime scan agent service) resolves the problem.  I have placed a technical support request with Trend Micro requesting the updated tmcomm.sys or other suitable fix.

itcokAuthor Commented:
My support case # was SR1-1-955716509 (Dated: 2/10/2015). Support tech provided a new tmcomm.sys file.
Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
Thank You so much. Is there no way you will be willing to share the new .sys file with us?

itcokAuthor Commented:
File attached...

I'd like to point out that this file has been updated since the original fix. I'm on SP2 now and the new file size is smaller than that which is attached.

Change the extension from txt to sys

Use at your own risk.
Marco van BeekManaging DirectorCommented:

I have been having this problem and found this thread. I have just updated my Trend Worry Free Business Advanced v9 to SP3, and so far so good. Date on tmcomm.sys is 13 March 2015.

Will let you know what happens after it has been used for a week or more.
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