Windows 7 Home 32 Bit, Incredimail 2.5 and MailMigra v1.2

Have used MailMigra paid version before to migrate clients away from seeing and hearing an animated butler walk across a screen every time a new email arrives in. Yes Incredimail. Successful before not successful this time. MailMigra finds the message Store folder but the various folders such as Inbox.iml are not being picked up by MailMigra even though when I open up Incredimail there are 1066 emails in the inbox. If I go to the message storage folder in Windows Explorer there is no outbox.iml, or deleted.iml or more importantly inbox.iml yet as mentioned there are 1066 mails in the inbox. This holds true for .imm files/folders as well. I did make a copy of the message storage folder and no folders are picked up in the copied files as well. Anyone?
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
MailMigra is used to convert various email data files to another format and has nothing to do with the animated butler.  That is changed in the preferences for IncrediMail and/or by purchasing the plus version:
jctcomAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  

But what I am really looking for is to get off of Incredimail (By exporting my mail / contacts etc to be used elsewhere) and an answer as to why mailmigra no longer seems to work.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
What email client do you want to use?
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Setup windows lIve Mail as your default email client from Incredimail on windows 7
You will still have a copy in both and can switch anytime.
How do I set up (or reconfigure) my Windows Live, Email Account in IncrediMail?
jctcomAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete.

I don't want to set up another e-mail in Incredimail.  I want to get rid of it alltogether but keep my existing e-mail and contacts and move them over to Outlook or Mozilla if that's easier.

Anything but Incredimail.  I don't want that adware ridden rot on my computer anymore.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Does your license cover MailMigra 2?  1.2 is an older version and it looks like the license is only good for some number of years:
jctcom use your ISP, your name in a new email client, this is genuine email client address using your ISP, when you setup windows live,  then you can uninstall incredimail.
I did this for my brother, even if he uninstalled Incredimail it still stores all your emails online.
He now uses Windows Live, I didn't use any import or export mail.
He still has Incredimail but just doesn't use it.
Emails in your inbox are normal emails it is only the mail stored  in the database that changes to eml or whatever your email client stored name is .
When you drag an email from the inbox to a folder on your desktop it remains an email not the database extension of incredimail or Outlook PST or windows live .eml
Put incredimail on one side of your desktop and then windows live mail on the other side
go to your inbox in Incredimail and inbox in windows live or Outlook etc
in incredimail highlight the first email then press ctrl a  CTRL A
that selects all the emails in the inbox, then drag over to inbox of Windows live, be patient if you have a lot of emails, or do smaller batches.
Otherwise use a folder on your desktop put 4 new folders inside and name them Inbox Sentbox Drafts etc..
Open each folder to drag over incredimail emails to that designated folder.
do the same for sent, drafts deleted.
You can do the same for any email client using this method of drag and drop.
 Thunderbird Outlook etc.
I use this method t backup my emails and my backups look like a normal email not a .eml.
Alternatively  Open IncrediMail and select the email message you want to export.
Click the 'File' menu and select 'Save As'.
Save the email message to your Desktop.
Now you can drag the .eml' file that was created to any other email client's Inbox.
There is a free tool reynardware if you wish to convert the database format of Incredimail to WLM or Outlook.
You might need this as well.
How to Back Up or Copy Your IncrediMail Address Book
jctcomAuthor Commented:
Thanks Merete. I wasn't aware of the drag and drop ability working directly in Incredimail. Will this feature work with Mozilla Thunderbird though?

Prior to reading this I ended up saving each email separately to .eml as I lucked out in the the client only had 69 emails total.

Also, tried Reynardware multiple times before reading this with no success.

Backup of address book was straight forward enough to figure out without help. I have had success before with MailMigra but this time it failed on me.
Hi jctcom, when emails are sitting in the Inbox or the Sent box, Drafts etc  on the email client and they are dragged and dropped into a folder on your desktop they retain emails, don't know what you'd call them just email, however when the email client stores them to their storage folder the email are changed to an extension for that email client,
To show you I opened Outlook and windows Live Mail, dragged an email from WLM inbox to Outlook Inbox it opens as a new email, when I drag from WLM inbox to drafts on Outlook it says can't copy.
But if I drag the email from WLM to my desktop then drag that onto Outlook Drafts it works.
So what I would do copy all your emails to folders that represent inbox Sent Box Drafts,
open your new email client, thunderbolt> make new folders under the import or drafts  and then highlight all your emails in one folder on your desktop drag them onto your individually named personalised folders
Thunderbird is very similar to windows Live Mail there is a panel on the left where we can create personal folders.
Drag and dropI actually found a bit on dragging them, seems to be catching on as the simplest way.

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