asa5505 asdm gui configuration steps

hi I have never used my asa5505 before, but I have managed to configure it separating the 'inside & outside' network and can now also open the 'asdm' gui as per below link:

qns1.  currently I have no vpns or anything like that and all I wish to do at this point is protect my win 7 internal network users, so what else should I configure within the gui ?

note:  I could look on youtube but I wish to gain that understanding first of what I need to do first and then continue bit by bit.

note: at the moment I have a virgin/media hub that is using the built-in dhcp, so the following is setup at the moment:

inside: 192.168.1.x - set on vlan 1
outside: - set on vlan 2
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
OK, I would put your Virgin media hub in 'modem' mode, then your ASA will get the public IP address on its outside interface - so when you get round to doing VPN's things will work.

If you want some ASA Walkthroughs theres a ton on my site that cover just about everything Ive ever had to deploy, and Ive been deploying ASA/PIX for nearly 10 years


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mikey250Author Commented:
hi petelong,  yes I normally do use 'modem/enable' but just for the purposes of getting my asa5505 up and running I left it as it was and yes If I wanted to setup a vpn I am aware this would need to be done.

yes I will look at your link:

qns1.  what I want to know is as I have configured my firewall enough for protection  ?
mikey250Author Commented:
hi petelong,

qns1.  why can I not receive my public ip address  ?

- I have now set my virgin to modem/enable
- if I plug in my standalone laptop it does provide a public ip address.
- I then unplug my laptop and reboot my virgin hub
- I thn plugged my x-over cable from my asa5505 eth/0 port to my specific port on my virgin hub but no public ip address has been allocated  ?

the outside interface config has not changed ie:

int vlan 2
nameif outside
security-level  0
ip address dhcp setroute
no shut
I then switched off the asa5505 and did not do a reload but assumed this should still provide a public ip address, but I may have not waited long enough!! not sure.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>qns1.  what I want to know is as I have configured my firewall enough for protection  ?

Essentially yes out of the box you have protection :)

>>qns1.  why can I not receive my public ip address  ?

You shold not need a crossover cable the 5505 ?

The problem you are seeing is probably, because the modem does not like that mac address being changes power everything off, wait a couple of minutes, power up the HUB, then plug the firewall into it. You cant just SWAP over internal devices.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi petelong,

qns1.   after changing the ip addressing scheme within my asa5505 via the command line, I can also see that the 'dhcpd data' has also been removed.  - I assume this is ok because I have a running: dhcp via my master dc, mentioned below  ?

I have now got the 'public ip address' showing via my asa5505 & I have also plugged in a 'straight-thru' cable from my asa5505 eth0 port to my cisco 2950 and my master dc/ad/dhcp/dns server can also receive the internet access.

qns2.  I have now logged on to my domain with my win 7 desktop successfully and my master dc/ad/dhcp/dns - has allocated an ip address as expected, but I cannot receive internet access - why there something I should be adding on my asa5505  as currently I have all machines within active directory located in the default computer container and not currently using any gpo's yet  ?
mikey250Author Commented:
hi petelong,  I forgot to mention I have 3 cisco 2950 switches for fault tolerance testing:

- vtp server (primary) - master dc & fileprint server plugged in here
- vtp server (secondary)
- vtp client - win 7 desktop user plugged in here

win 7 - I can ping from vtp client switch to the following:  successfully

- master dc
- fileprintserver
- default gateway
mikey250Author Commented:
the default gateway was missing from my internal master dc via my dhcp and once added my win 7 desktop can now receive internet access.
mikey250Author Commented:
sound advice.  appreciated.
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