IE freezes when workstation is logged onto domain

Posted on 2014-09-20
Last Modified: 2014-09-25
Odd problem - when one user on a domain tries to use internet explorer (even in Safe Mode), it freezes.  But when I logged in to the computer itself, ie. not on the domain, it works fine.  I'm guessing a corrupt user profle.

Firefox works fine, but Chrome also seems to freeze.  I tried reinstalling it while connected to the domain, but that didn't help.  Short of creating a new user, is there a way to fix the IE profile?

- Russ
Question by:therealex123
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Is it with a specific domain user, or all domain users?  

Are you able to open IE in safe mode?  (Start -> Run -> iexplore.exe -extoff)

If it opens in safe mode, you may want to try resetting IE back to factory defaults: Start-> Control Panel-> Internet Options -> "Advanced" tab -> "Reset..."

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Thanks for the reply.  It's a specific user, it only affects here.  As I said, it freezes even when opened in Safe Mode - both Windows safe mode, as well as IE safe mode, started from the command line with the -extoff option.  

But that's a good idea about resetting the options, I'm a dunce for not thinking about that.  I guess what I'm wondering (in case that doesn't work) is:

The user profile (domain profile, that is) - can it be corrupted in such a way as to only cause IE to malfunction?

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If Chrome also freezes that could probably be because the 2 browsers are using the same settings. It would be a good idea to check that there are no 'bogus' proxies being pointed to. Check the proxy settings in IE under internet options-->Connections-->LAN settings. If that doesn't have anything, it would be easier to reset the settings in IE as directed in and saving the settings for the user by logging off and logging back on to the domain as the user.  Once IE is working fine, simply uninstall and reinstall a fresh download of chrome and when it asks for whether to import settings, you can decide whether to keep the settings independent of each other or import.
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Thanks, techaway.  I'll bring the workstation back this afternoon (hate doing this on a Sunday) and check it out.  If it all works, I'll close out the case.

I appreciate the help from you and epichero22!
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Has anyone noticed this question seems to be a duplicate of  ?

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You're right jcimarron.  My browser crashed right after I posted it the first time, and didn't give confirmation that it had posted.  When I checked, it didn't show up as one of my questions, so I posted it again.  NOW it shows up!
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So that everyone will have the benefit of all the responses, I suggest you click the Request Attention button at the bottom right of your original post in the other thread and ask an Admin to move the comments there over to here.
Good luck.

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Ok jcimarron, I did that.

Now, here's what happened:

None of the suggestions worked.  I reset IE, followed the instructions for registry edits in, did a bunch of other stuff (including re-installing over the existing copy.)  I tried logging in on other workstations, worked fine.  So it wasn't the user profile.


Called a friend, and he suggested using CC Cleaner, THEN uninstalling IE, then doing a registry cleanup, then re-installing.  Ok, I didn't happen to have CC Cleaner on my flash drive for some reason, so I downloaded it.  After turning down the various bloatware (no, I don't want RegOptimizer or PC Cleaner, thank you), CC Cleaner installed and...

CC Cleaner opened up IE to try and sell me something..  It had a brief delay before it opened, but then it worked perfectly.  Ok, closed it up, hit the shortcut - IE came up and froze like Alaska.  

The shortcut.  The same one of two shortcuts I'd been using right along.

I went to Programs - Internet Explorer and ran it right from the iexplore.exe file - opened right up, worked fine.  So I deleted all the shortcuts, made new ones and tested multiple times.

Works perfectly.  Now, I had run it from the command line (iexplore.exe -extoff) and it had still frozen up.  So here's my best guess:

There are two version installed, one in Programs and one in Programs (X86).  I think it defaulted to the 32 bit one, which tanked.  The 64 bit one works fine.  I didn't have time to check to see if there actually IS one in Programs (x86), because I really had to book out of there once I confirmed it was working, but I'll bet that was it.

Thanks to all who answered, and to whatever deity looks after freelance techs who have run out of ideas and helps them find the answer by accident.
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Accepted Solution

jcimarron earned 167 total points
ID: 40335778
By default there are two versions of IE 11 installed, one in Programs Files and one in Programs Files (X86).  
The  two versions of IE 11 are one for Win 7 32 bit and the other for Win 7 64 bit.  Normally Win 7 automatically chooses whichever will work best with the individual system.  Usually that is 64 bit IE  when running on a 64 bit windows.
I can not be sure why what you did fixed things.  I suspect your original IE11 shortcut was for the 32 bit version, and when you " went to Programs - Internet Explorer and ran it right from the iexplore.exe file" you were running the 64 bit version. But congratulations!

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