Having trouble creating anchor text/hyperlinks on Facebook

I have a facebook page and I am trying to figure out how to embed hyperlinks and anchor text into my posts.

I came upon this article, but the problem is I dont see the toolbar they reference. Where is it?

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On the contrary Mark it should work in both,
 the reference you linked was from Facebook  page..however they were in an Admin Panel, an Admin Panel is where you give administrative rights to members to edit and modify your Facebook page.
 the personal  Facebook which is what I/we have right?  ( no admins) will also work I just had to look for the notes as the reference material didn't match anywhere.
This an example of the Admin Panel

Okay so you now understand when you go to your Facebook open your name so you are in your timeline, you understand how to open the Notes, use the above screenshot then click add note
add a noteNew notein this draft  Put a Title name
then in the body
type your words and then select a section where to add this code
I'll highlight the Link Text in black to illustrate
<a href=”url“>Link text</a>
Example :  <a href=”http://www.Mark,com/”>see more</a>
write your own url instead of www.Mark.com & write your Anchor text link what you want reading continue/see more/ etc or what you want , instead of see more
preview it and then publish it, if you don't like it click on discard at the bottom.
This is the guide I have used.
How to Create Hyperlinks to Anchor Text on Facebook
Can you try the same instructions using another browser, like Chrome or Firefox?
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
NO luck. Any other ideas?
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Hi Mark,
 Like this
Facebook_tiny URL
Using your Link guide I logged into my Facebook on IE nothing that looks like a Blog Chain link.
Same with Chrome.
I believe your link relates to a Facebook Fan page.
So I went this way instead Mark, for a personal Face Book, and again there must be different types of Face Book, because I found this  Notes under my timeline next to Friends>,
  click on the arrow next to"MORE"
then click on "Note" then click add a "note" follow his guide to add the html codes and  <> and other stuff then preview it below and publish.
Once I accessed this and closed it the add note is visible below my timeline picture.
try it out using this guide
How to Create Hyperlinks to Anchor Text on Facebook
This one is a slight variation
How to Create Anchor Text Hyperlink on Facebook post/status
click on the link provided
Step 1 : Go to https://www.fbrell.com/examples/
click under sharing >>2 - FB.ui Dialogs
Here is the video for this proceedure
check out the video on how to,

Ping for Mark
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Let me see if I understand:

This will not work with a fb fan page but will work with a fb personal page?
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
This looks very complete. I appreciate your very detailed solution and will try it out! Thank you again!!!
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Very detailed and complete!!!
Thank you and you're welcome Mark hope it all works out for you.
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