Server 2012 R2 File Copy

When I copy or move files from a client(Win7 or Win8) to Server 2012r2 it is very fast.  When I copy or move files from Server 2012r2 to clients(Win7 or Win8) it is very slow. Took a few hours to copy a 512MB file.  The server is a HP ML350p Gen 8 with Dual CPU's(E5-2620), 32 GB memory, 15k drives, Smart Array P420 w/1GB, 4 nic cards, only 1 enabled, No virtual servers.  Any ideas why so slow on file copy/move
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
I believe this could be due to anti-virus on your workstation which is scanning each files upon copy.   Have you tried changing AV settings to see if it makes a difference.
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
From the server to the stations requires that the station be able to accept the files and that the network traffic is not bottlenecked.  

On the station(s) what does Task Man - Resource Manager tell you?

Any chance nics are not full duplex?
taordw01Author Commented:
I also have a  NAS on the network and the file copy from the NAS to clients is fast, what one expect it to be.  With this I would say either the AV or NICS at workstations are at fault.

for commits

taordw01Author Commented:
Installed a Intel i350 NIC, solved the issue

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taordw01Author Commented:
I installed a NIC which solved the issue
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