Remove decimals from a number and return in specific format

I need to take the values in a column that contains numbers with and without decimals and return them in the following format:

Cell Value:         Result Needed: (zero filled on the left, four characters total)
1.8                        0180
2                           0200
.25                        0025
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Rob HensonConnect With a Mentor Finance AnalystCommented:
Assuming values in column A, in column B enter formula:


Then format with custom format "0000".

Or if not needed for onward calculations, you can use:


This latter option has no need for custom format.

Rob H
Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
make in column B a formula =TRUNC(A1*100;0) and make the view 0000 instead of 0
BEBaldaufAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob!  The latter option you provided is perfect for the concatenation I'm trying to kluge together!
appreciate your simple, quick solution!
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