Xenapp Delivery Groups


I am trying to get a better understanding on how to delegate my applications using xenapp 75. delivery groups.

My Scenario.

I currently have built 6 VDA servers, what i need to know is how to have the applications load balanced.

I will use outlook as an example. I have installed outlook on 2 vda's. At first what I did was create 2 delivery groups and attached 1 vda to each DG. Using Powershell and the add-brokerapplication script i successfully published outlook to both DG's. This now gives me LB for outlook as I understand. After some thought I dont want to have a massive amount of DGs to facilitate LB within them.

Now my thought is to attached the 2 vda's to 1 DG, But how do I know if the outlook app will be Load balanced as it was using 2 separate dg's. I cant very well publish both outlook version to the same DG right. Otherwise I would get 2 icon copies no? I just want 1 Icon for each application but want to use numerous servers within the DG.

That being said I have numerous application I need to do this for. Using outlook as an example only. Or by default if the app is available on 2 or3 or 4 vda's within the DG does the application get LB'd?

Any offers of advice would be great..


Ron SimpsonNetwork AdminAsked:
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Carl WebsterCitrix Technology Professional - FellowCommented:
at this time, you cannot load balance using the gui, you must use powershell.

my friend neil has an excellent writeup on how to do this.

Ron SimpsonNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
thanks Carl,

I did use the mentioned web and I successfully Load balanced the delivery groups.. but now I would rather LB the VDA server within one delivery group. Kind of opposite to the article.

Ron SimpsonNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
does anyone know if the correct way to load balance apps is to use multiple delivery groups or use multiple vda's in 1 delivery group?
Ron SimpsonNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
After some testing and trying I have found my answers. If i have mutliple VDA application servers in the MCS it seems that this indeed constitutes LB among the application servers. I will continue on with my POC of xenapp 7.5 along this route.

Thank you for helping

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Ron SimpsonNetwork AdminAuthor Commented:
Found the answer myself
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