How to graph seconds minutes hours, together?

A problem which I am having and cannot seem to find a solution to is that of creating a report for time based events to show a visual over time.

An event being something, anything, which can be from 1 second long to many hours long.
When trying to create a graph to show events over time, the problem is that the Y axis is never possible because the range is too great.

Say there there are 30 events in a graph, some are 2 seconds long and some are one to many hours long. Now let's say that green is seconds, orange is minutes and red is hours.
We are using a bar graph because these are individual events so each bar represents one event.

The graph ends up showing a miniscule green lines which are barely seen while hour long events show up as huge red bars going past the top of the graph. No matter how we adjust the Y axis, this always happens. If we make the Y axis a short period of time, then we can see the short events but long events are just huge bars. If we make the Y axis a long period of time, then we can see the long events nicely but the short events nearly disappear.

Since we need to show ALL events so that we can get a visual over time, it means that we cannot separate s/m/h events, they all need to be together in the graph.

So the question is, how in the world can this be dealt with???
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You could use a logarithmic scale.

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projectsAuthor Commented:
Can this be done using one of the nvd3 graphs? That's what we are using.
projectsAuthor Commented:

Problem is, I need this for bars since the events are individual items. A line chart doesn't work.
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So you aren't using Crystal Reports?

projectsAuthor Commented:
Could the events be converted into numbers instead of time, to represent events. When the user mouses over the event, then we could give them the details of the event.

By numbers, I mean that time would be converted instead to a representation of some kind. Again, this has to be bars so the shorter the bar, the shorter the amount of time of the outage. The longer the bar, the longer the amount of time for that outage, etc.
projectsAuthor Commented:
It was suggested at one point but no, we ended up going with nvd3 because it allows non and commercial use without any problems. I don't know what Crystal allows.

Once the project is running and has shown possibility, then there will be a budget to use what ever we need. However, it would still have to run for a substantial amount of time using only free tools first.
projectsAuthor Commented:
@mlmcc; Are you talking about nvd3? Guessing not since nvd3 doesn't seem to have that option in right click.
No, I was referring to Crystal Reports since you asked the question in that topic area.

There is a version of Crystal that comes with (or can be downloaded) Visual Studio.

You could convert the times to SECONDS or MINUTES.  Those would preserve the relative sizes and would unless the magnitudes are vastly different  be visible on a chart.

projectsAuthor Commented:
Looks commercial however, so if that's the case, I cannot use it at this time.
projectsAuthor Commented:
This reply lead me to searching for related solutions and we have found an answer based on this.
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Crystal Reports

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