Can you respect one who does not respect you?

What's up with respect..

Can you respect one who does not respect you?

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Is respect a two-way street?
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Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
Respect begets respect.  There have been situations in my past when I have had to work for people that I could not respect due to leadership and personality shortcomings.  I was not successful under the direction of those particular individuals because I built resentment over time in dealing with them.  Sometimes you just learn to walk away, rather than let things continue to get worse.

On the flip side of that, you should always me mindful of and respect others unless they give you a reason not to, and even if they do, you talk to them about why you felt disrespected in a polite, open and honest way.  If they aren't able to hear your concerns, and respond accordingly, refer to paragraph one.

I would say respecting anyone should come from your heart.
It's not 2 -way street always as some one some times disrespects you or insult you at certain instance for your good or for your betterment. For eg. When any elder scolds at younger one its not they don't like  you or they don't respect you but in major such cases they love you much more than they you think.
In professional career when senior disrespects you or insult you its either of two one would be just they are trying to dominant you in such cases i would suggest to be calm and fight back with your cool nature and try to respect them , i am not saying you should not agitate or revolt but at specific time so that even they should understand that if he want he would have revolted .But in other case you have to keep you in there place and check whether we had done the same thing what you would have done.

So conclusion is to be calm and try to respect everyone whether they respect you or not , there nature would automatically change for you.

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MAS (MVE)EE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Give respect take rest respect.
If you are not getting the respect back still respect him and don't be like him with other.
If you get respect from someone respect him back more than he respects you.
May be there are people who is monitoring/watching you so they will learn from your life.
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SunBowAuthor Commented:

I think I tend to agree, while not really wanting to think too much now about mental vs emotional aspect.

Generally, more something like - while I'd rather respect the person, they may not deserve it, but be willing to give them a chance, another chance, then OK, one more. A bit necessary in trying to 'get by'. After that, - less personal. Respect their position.

For pay, respect boss, for grade respect teacher. Once unable to respect person, respect position. When position changes, they lose it.

For family, respect elders, they've the greater experience may ever assist. For the children, they'll ever need to gain from our experience, while they may never know better, or just maybe they will. Besides, they can ever teach if only by asking. Family first, can ever retain respect.

For peers and strangers, we can always move on. There's billions of others.

Sounds like that is full circle?
Not so sure about the 'earning' of respect, or whether it involves the gut, heart, mind, etc. Or other relations/relationships. [hmm, like positions, - police, politician, preacher]

I think a good default would be to respect the badge.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Last call, I've found way to present followup (sequel)

Should religions and atheists tolerate one another?
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Seems applicable in EE as well. All experts here are peers warranting respect from one another. One with more time online and points can indicate elder, one who can have experience to learn from. One 'beginner' with few points can be thought of as one who warrants the benefit of gaining from experience of their elder. Respect can go to both elder and newbie.

Some responses while facing difficulty of selecting 'best':

Trenton Knew> Sometimes you just learn to walk away, rather than let things continue to get worse.

Been there, a lot, too much. Then it could be that they are actually trying to provoke confrontation towards escalation (ex: of 'resentment')

nsoftservice> there nature would automatically change for you.

Yeah, to change the world, need to change the world.

MAS> monitoring/watching you so they will learn from your life.

Mindful of saying, that while it can be ok for parents to disagree, they should not do so in front of their children.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Summary, it appears to be unanimous (recusing self):

3-0 Yes, you 'can' respect one who does not respect you?
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Selecting 'change' as 'best' (and extra point for length) - otherwise even split - welcome to the TA's 'top 25' list for the year.


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SunBowAuthor Commented:

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