Facebook on Android - howto stop notifications of game invites

I already have the web-based Facebook configured that it doesn't email me or bother me in any way when users invite me to play a game.

But on Facebook on my phone, I get actual notifications about this which is extremely annoying. Is there a way to stop these all together or at least prevent the phone Facebook app from notifying me each time?
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Dejan VasiljevicSys Admin and ProgrammerCommented:
Hi nathaliev,

Yes there is a way to do that. Open menu go to settings, and go down untill you find "app", into app find facebook and click on it, there you should have notification, and you should uncheck that mark.

You should be fine now.

Let me know if there is still a problem.

Are you sure on the webpage you unchecked the boxes in:
Notifications > Settings > App requests and activity ?
Because if you uncheck all of these, there should be no game invites.
Otherwise use the block apps function instead, or block invites (if it's always from the same person)

The solution provided earlier will work, but it means you won't get ANY notification anymore. And I think only the game invites are bothering you?

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VasAuthor Commented:
Hmm I haven't been able to resolve this yet.

I do see where the setting are (which apps I get notified about) and how to turn each notification on or off... but the particular notifications I'm getting are invites (invites to use/install an App that I don't already use)

Since I don't already use that app I'm invited to to install, it's not listed in my apps.

What I'm trying to disable are notificates like "{person} has invited you to play  {whatever game}"

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Dejan VasiljevicSys Admin and ProgrammerCommented:
Hi nathaliev,

I am not quite sure that You have described Your problem well, Are You having problems with "ads"/ promotions , or You are having invitation(s) from people from facebook (Your friends). Because I've read one article before, that, if You block game request on desktop version of facebook, it will also block any facebook game request on mobile/android. So, if You are sure that You've blocked it on Your computer, You should be fine, and that is why I assume that You are having problems with "ads"/promotions of application itself which was added from creator (publisher) of it, and not with notification, but You were unable to describe it. Please let me know if I am right so we can start thinking in right direction...

Thanks, D.
I think you should try to install it again, so you will have the options to block notifications.
VasAuthor Commented:
Just to close this out and post some feedback.. so it seems that all you can really do is disable notifications or block particular apps, but that's only if the apps are already listed in the apps area.

Once the above is done (app blocked or notification disabled for an app), yes that app won't bother anymore.

What you can't do (as far as I can tell) is prevent a friend from sending you app invites in the first place. Any friend can still invite you to some other app that you haven't blocked before.

Guess the only good solution is to remove friends who do this  :)
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