How to create a folder called Business on all the users H: (Home drive)


I have 100 users  and i want to create a folder called Business on all the students H: drive  and that is their home drive.
Secondly i want to give them  modify access to this business folder.
Our DC is 2012 and our file server that host the student home folder is windows 2003
Please suggest is there a easy way of doing this without manually creating it.

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are all the student's personal folders in the same folder and are the student folders all that exist in this folder? if so, it can be done in a simple for /d script...otherwise we'll need to account for folders where you don't want the business folder created...and be default they will have modify access to the folder when you create it in their personal folder...
this command will create a folder called business in each subfolder where you run the command (from a command prompt)

for /d %i in (*.) do md %i\business

if all the student folders aren't contained in  a single folder (or if other folders exist where you don't want the business folder created) you can accomplish this by creating a text file (sc.txt) of the full paths where you want the business folder created and use a For /f script....

for /f %i in (sc.txt) do md %i\business
lianne143Author Commented:
I have two group of students, Year11 and Year12

The UNC path from my windows 7 PC for Year11 students is  \\File server-a\StudentDocs\Year11\Student 1-50

The UNC path from my windows 7 PC  for Year12 students is \\File server-a\StudentDocs\Year12\Student 51-100

Please post me the exact syntax that i need to run on the command prompt.

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map a drive letter to \\file server-a\studentdocs
open a command prompt
switch to the mapped drive above, switch to the year11 folder

run this command: for /d %i in (*.) do md "%i\business"

switch back to the year12 folder and repeat the command above.

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lianne143Author Commented:
I followed the stepe above and did for year 11 and it sucessfully created the business directoty within the each of the  individual students home directories.

I checked the permission for this folder it has not given any permission , do i need to do something else. I would like to have modify permission for this folder.
I checked other folders with the students home drive and most folders have modify permissions given.
you apparently have some non-standard NTFS permissions that are not allowing the new business folder to inherit the permissions from the parent folder.
lianne143Author Commented:
Do I need to manually assign edit  permissions .

that is difficult to answer without seeing exactly how your permissions are set on each student folder...I would suggest getting the permissions sorted out there so that the new business folder inherits the permissions...a much cleaner solution that forcing update permissions to each new business folder....
lianne143Author Commented:
I wonder if using a Group Policy Preference to create a new folder would work for you?
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