Transpose data in a column in excel 2013

I have a single column in a spreadsheet COLUMN A which has a lot of consistent information

a1 = Location
a2 = type1
a7 = Location
a8 = type1

there is over 1000 records (A1-A1000)
I want to transpose these so that all of the Locations go into a column B1
B2 = Type1 B3 = Type2 B4=Type3 and B5 = Type4 for each block of 5 records in the first column.
I can highlight and copy and then transpose for each indivisual set but this is taking ages

There must be a better way !
Chris MichalczukConsultantAsked:
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can you put an example. i did not understand your question.
is this how you want to see your data?

Column A         Column B

a1        Location
a2        type1
a3      type2
a4      type3
a5      type4
a7        Location
a8        type1
a9      type2
a10      type3
a11      type4
if yes, then here is the solution for you.

select your Column A entire column, then go to the Data Tab then select the icon of Text to Columns
or alternatively with keyboard  ALT then a then e

then click next and on the delimeters tick makr the "Other" and put the = sign and then click next and finish.  then your column A and Column B will have the data as i referred above.
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
I think the user is actually asking for data to end up like:

Location   type1     type2     type3     type4
Location   type1     type2     type3     type4
Location   type1     type2     type3     type4

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
For a formula based solution, you can use the following formulae, assuming data in column A, put these formulae in C1 to G1:

C1   =IF($A1<>"Location","",$A1)
D1   =IF($A1<>"Location","",OFFSET($A1,1,0,1,1))
E1   =IF($A1<>"Location","",OFFSET($A1,2,0,1,1))
F1   =IF($A1<>"Location","",OFFSET($A1,3,0,1,1))
G1   =IF($A1<>"Location","",OFFSET($A1,4,0,1,1))

Then copy this down as far as required. This will give the transposed data but with blank rows between. You can then apply a filter to this new block of data and select the dropdown on one column to deselect Blanks. You can then copy the visible data and paste elsewhere. This will paste only the visible data into a continuous block and will overwrite the formulae with values.

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Realised as I submitted that I have been a bit of a dummy and the data supplied was obviously dummy data so wouldn't have the word "location" repeated.

If the data is consistently 5 rows per set, I can work on something for putting the formula each 5th row.

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Assuming sets of 5:

C1  =IF(MOD(ROW(),5)=1,$A1,"")
D1  =IF(MOD(ROW(),5)=1,OFFSET($A1,1,0,1,1),"")
E1  =IF(MOD(ROW(),5)=1,OFFSET($A1,2,0,1,1),"")
F1  =IF(MOD(ROW(),5)=1,OFFSET($A1,3,0,1,1),"")
G1  =IF(MOD(ROW(),5)=1,OFFSET($A1,4,0,1,1),"")

Rob H

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Chris MichalczukConsultantAuthor Commented:
column a             col B           col c         col d        col e         col f
Location      a1          Location      type1      type2      type3      type4     this transposes results in column a1-a5
type1      a2          Location      type1      type2      type3      type4      this transposes results in column a6-a11 and so on
type2      a3                              
type3      a4                              
type4      a5                              
Location      a6                              
type1      a7                              
type2      a8                              
type3      a9                              
type4      a10                              

hope this explains what I want to do. Column A is consistent for each of 5 rows but has 1000s of records !
Chris MichalczukConsultantAuthor Commented:
Rob I tried this works fine for the first 5 rows but when copying down the formulars it returns 0 for the second transposed row where it should return the next 5 ie A6-A10 in the above example
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Using my formulae should put the transposed data against each 5th row; ie row 1, row 6, row 11 etc and the rows in between should be blank but the data can then be copied out using the filter method as originally posted.

See the attached with another option on sheet 2 as well if you don't want to do the filter bit.

Rob H
Please use my macro

Sub TransposeMacro()
Dim rng As Range
Dim I As Long
    Set rng = Range("A1")
    While rng.Value <> ""
        I = I + 1
        Range("B" & I).PasteSpecial Transpose:=True
        Set rng = rng.Offset(5)
End Sub

Open in new window

if you do not know how to place this code in Excel vba module then see the toturial here
Chris MichalczukConsultantAuthor Commented:
once \I copied down I understood what this did. Brilliant you've saved me so much time - thanks
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