How can I compare several text files and keep only 1 copy of a file without duplication?

I would like to compare several text files, ie new1.txt and new2.txt, new3.txt .. regardless of the name of the files.
If the 'content's of the files compared with others is the same then delete one of the files which is a duplicate.
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Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:

You can use Multi-File Compare

To download files and see other information about the project, go to

100questionsAuthor Commented:
Will this work in an existing batch script?
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
No this is an executable.
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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Then I would need something that I can insert in an existing Windows Batch file or a new Powershell or VBScript which can perform the function.
barebones, inefficient...definately test this with a subset of your data.
basically for every text file this launches another for loop that compares each .txt file to every other .txt file and deletes if there is a match. The script starts over after a deletion because the (*.txt) set changes...

for %%i in (*.txt) do (
	for %%j in (*.txt) do (
	if not "%%i" == "%%j" fc %%i %%j && del %%i && goto start

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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Does this script look into the contents of the txt file?
yes, it compares file contents using the fc command.
100questionsAuthor Commented:
This seems to work, however the problem is that one of the files it compares contains a small right arrow at the end of the data (an ASCII EOF marker) and if it sees that then it does not deduplicate properly.  

Is there a way your script can be modified so as to ignore the an ASCII EOF marker?
then the files aren't identical then are they?  There is a /L parameter for FC, but I doubt it will make any difference since the files are truly different.
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