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I am using Windows Live Mail 2011 on a Windows 7 32bit machine. I have it configured with a pop3 account that is not a Microsoft account and it works fine for the most part. When I try to send a message from a 3rd party app with an attachment it asks for the Windows Live login. I don't use a Microsoft mail account so there is no way to login but it won't let me send a message this way. If I create a message out of Windows Live Mail 2011 with an attachment it works fine. Just not when I use a 3rd party app and an attachment. If I send a message without an attachment I have no issues.
P HurdleAsked:
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P HurdleConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I moved the client to regular Outlook. All is well now.
P Hurdle --
What is the 3rd party app?  Are you sure you did not have to create a password when you first installed it?
P HurdleAuthor Commented:
The 3rd party app is Dentrix.

P HurdleAuthor Commented:
Using Outlook instead of windows live mail resolved the issue.
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