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using regular keyboard to type other languages than plain English...

if you want to use your regular 'english' keyboard to type foreign languages on the screen, what all do you need? are they all softwares?

I am open to ideas both for regular laptop keyboard or USB broader keyboard. thanks.
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25112Author Commented:
i a specifically thinking of 2 languages- tamil and hebrew.
Gabriel CliftonCommented:
Keyboards do not type in any language, it types its position on the keyboard. To make an english keyboard type in another language change the keyboard language in Windows.
I agree with Gabriel, just grab an image of the keyboard distribution of the language you have chosen in windos or Mac, so you have a crossreference  between the key and the character that shows on the screen.
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25112Author Commented:
>>change the keyboard language in Windows.
is this in control panel? pl guide.

>>just grab an image of the keyboard distribution of the language you have chosen in windows or Mac, so you have a cross-reference  between the key and the character that shows on the screen.

so you are recommending to get a 'hebrew' keyboard? you are talking about a physical keyboard or virtual?
To change keyboard layout in windows
About the image of the keyboard, I'm talking about getting a print out of the key distribution of the keyboard you have selected so you can predict the character that will show on the screen
 If you press q on an english keyboard but you have instructed Windows to use a hebrew keyboard you will getHebrew.png, if you have instructed to use the tamil keyboard you'll get Tamil.png To have an idea of wich character you'll get you need a printout of the keyboard you are emulating
For $5.99 you can order the stickers for each Hebrew letter.

Here is a printout of the keys.
25112Author Commented:
thank you!!!

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