HMC console terminal for aix is not opening

I just bought 9110-510 p510 that came preinstalled with AIX 7.1 on it and along with that i bought an HMC 7310-CR3 that has version 7 on it.

I have connected the p510 to the HMC with private connection. Both the HMC and p510 are connected to my wall outlet for power which i believe has 110 volts coming from it.

I have enabled remote virtual terminal setting in HMC as well, but i am still getting the same issue of being unable to open a console/terminal window for the lpar in HMC.
I am not using any web browser. I am directly connected to the HMC with my monitor.

When i click on open console, it brings up a tab of "open terminal window" on the top left. See attached pic HMCterminal.jpg. This tab on top left disappears after a minute.
And than when i click on that tab looking thing on top left, it gives unable to switch task error. See HMCUnabletoswitchtask.jpg

Also, the HMC error log is showing an error on HMC related to its License internal code. What is that suppose to mean? See HMClicensecode.jpg

Thank you for the help.
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These strange "TAB"s on the upper left never really worked. They are meant to represent kind of a task history, but switching tasks is not possible, for what reasons ever. Don't click there, it's useless.

The real issue is obviously that the Terminal Window does not open at all.

Didn't you see a Java security message asking for "Allow" or "Block" somewhere near the top of the screen after clicking "Open Terminal Window?" Did you give the right answer?
OK, this message should show up only when using a browser, but who knows? It's a very long time ago I had to work on a newly purchased HMC. Our box is some 8 years old ...

It might be that the server (p510) is still in "MDC" ("Manufacturing Default Configuration") mode.
A Terminal Window does not work under that configuration.
On the HMC select "Servers" on the left, then tick "p510" on the right. Then click the ">>" symbol on the right of "p510", select "Properties". Under "General" there is an entry "Manufacturing Default Configuration".
Do you see "True" or False"?
If you see "True" you'll have to follow a step by step procedure to get out of that status.
I will explain it to you, if required.

If you see "False" then MDC is not the cause of your issue.

The Terminal Window is Java based, so it could be that the  installed Java version is wrong or corrupted. Since the HMC is kind of an appliance solving this issue is definitely a task for IBM support then!

Perhaps installing the newest HMC service package from IBM could help. Get it from Fix Central.
Here is the HMC support homepage:
assistunixAuthor Commented:
The terminal window NEVER opened, however once when i clicked on "open terminal" a big empty box of the size of terminal window did open only for a few seconds and than disappeared, i am not sure if that was terminal window box or something else.

No, it never gave me any prompt or pop up box regarding java security or anything else.
Both the server and the hmc are refurbished and HMC Version is V7R7.7.0, service pack 0, if that means anything.

I checked the properties and the MDC(Manufacturing default Configuration) is set to false.

FYI- I am able to open hmc restricted shell from HMC and then get into the lpar using vtmenu as temporary measure for now, but i want this console issue to be fixed.

next step? could the hmc hardware have an issue? could the hmc version 7 that was installed have an issue?
assistunixAuthor Commented:
Sidenote question:  Also, the HMC error log is showing an error on HMC related to its License internal code. Do you know What is that suppose to mean? See HMClicensecode.jpg
could that have anything to do with terminal/console not opening ?
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"Licensed Internal Code" is generally IBM's denomination of their firmware.
Since IBM see the HMC as an appliance they call the whole proprietary HMC code "LIC".

So the fact that the shown message refers to "Licensed Internal Code" is quite normal,
and I think the message itself points to the error in task switching (those silly "TABs" on the upper left).

IBM say:
[E355049F] Exception caught in updateChildrenOfGroup(). This is an internal error that could be caused by incorrect tower definition XML (see the XML files in data/plugins/tower/). Possibly the task group was not created or the task group was not added to the object repository.
The shown message should be accompanied by other, more detailed ones. Didn't you see any such messages?

Trying "vtmenu" would have been the next thing for me to suggest. The fact that it apparently works without issue tells me that the connection between HMC and server is well established and that the console definitions inside the LPAR are OK.
I'm also rather sure that the HMC's hardware is not the culprit.  

You say the HMC version is, service pack 0. This is not the whole picture!
Please issue from the command line

lshmc -V

or click "HMC version" under "Updates.

The HMC build level must be at least 20130211.1 or higher, and "MH01345: Required fix for HMC V7R7.7.0 (02-11-2013)" must be present.

If the build level is lower, e.g. 20130116.1 and if MH01345 is not applied then you're missing most important fixes!
In this case:
Along with the HMC you should have received 3 DVDs. The first one is the Recovery medium, MH01343, and the second one contains the HTML docs.
The third DVD (or CD), MH01345, is the important one. Install the contained mandatory fixes as soon as possible!

If the problem persists when the mandatory fixes are installed I'd suggest installing the latest service packs, namely M2 (MH01354), M3 (MH01379) and  M4 (MH01415). Service pack 1 (M1, MH01346) has been withdrawn.
Get the ISO files from Fix Central, burn on DVD and install. Your HMC network is "private", so you can't load the fixes from a server.

Hate to say, but if all those fixes don't help the only thing remaining for me to suggest is calling IBM support.
assistunixAuthor Commented:
HMC Build was 20130116.1, i was unable to check if fix MH01345 was installed or not, but i am assuming it was not.
As i was able to get the console working with HMC V6, i had HMC V6 dvd which i used to install HMC 6 to check if console would work on it or not.

I do not have any HMC 7 dvds but i will acquire them and will make sure to install fix MH01345 with Build 20130116.1 as you suggested.

Thank you for your help.
Much Appreciated.
You're definitely missing the mandatory fix!

20130116.1 is the basis, the mandatory upgrade MH01345 will bring you to 20130211.1

Sorry, I think I didn't make this quite clear in my previous comment!

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assistunixAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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