relationship between DHCP Scope "003 router" value and Cisco switch Vlan interface IP address

Our Cisco switch has VLANs and gets DHCP IPs from DHCP server.

I use the following command to create new VLAN.
conf t
int vlan 12
ip address
ip helper-address

When I define the DHCP scope on the DHCP server(, what should I fill in for the value in "003 router"?

I would like to understand what is the relationship between DHCP Scope "003 router" value and  Cisco switch Vlan interface IP address.

Is this "003 router" value equal to the VLAN interface IP address? Thanks
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002 Time Offset
003 Router - For setting default gateway
004 Time Server
005 Name Servers
006 DNS Servers
007 Log Servers
044 WINS/NBNS Servers - Used if the client is not manually configured for the WINS server.
046 WINS/NBT Type - NetBIOS name configuration designation of B,P, M, or H node.
047 NetBIOS Scope ID - Set so NBT hosts communicate only with other similarly configured hosts.

So if your Cisco switch Vlan interface IP address is default gateway for that VLAN then 003 router should be VLAN's interface IP address. And since on that VLAN interface you have configured ip helper-address  -  most likely that VLAN interface is default gateway for that VLAN.

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To keep it simple, the default gateway for this VLAN is its IP interface.
All devices on this VLAN must send packets that are aimed outside the VLAN to this interface, and the routing device should be able to route them correctly, assuming that ip routing is enabled.
So in your case, DHCP option 3 for the associated scope must be
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