Outlook.com spell check in Chrome

We use Office 365 A1 licensing for our student email.  One of my students has told me that Outlook flagged a word as misspelled and when he right-clicks it to choose the suggested word, it only changes part of the word and leaves the rest.  For example, he might type    mispeled  and when he right-clicks it to choose the correct spelling, he gets    misspelledled.

We cannot find a configuration that seems to fix that.  Can anyone shed some light?

Windows 7 64-bit
Chrome Browser
Outlook.com Student-only (A1) free license edition
Shane KahkolaDirector of I.T.Asked:
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Spike99Connect With a Mentor On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
I would try it in Internet Explorer to see if you have better luck (I guess it's no coincidence that Microsoft web-based services like Outlook Web Access & Outlook.com email tend to work best in the MS browser....)
ccbbc_cs --
Turn on Chrome's own spell checker
Shane KahkolaDirector of I.T.Author Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions.  We tried the first already, I'll see about the second.  It takes time to hear back from students.
Shane KahkolaDirector of I.T.Author Commented:
While we wound-up using FireFox as opposed to IE, it seems to be browser-specific.  The user claimed to have tried it in other browsers, but it turns-out that wasn't true.  He was trying to bypass the "troubleshooting process" to get someone to help him.  And he wonders why we don't pay much attention to him.

Thank you.
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