Exchange 2013 monitoring

I am interested in getting recommendations on what the best tool may be to perform Microsoft Exchange 2013 health monitoring. Features I am interested in is cloud monitoring, E-mail and SMS alerts, DAG health monitoring.

Please let me know if there are any products that match these requisites.

Thank you,
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torns tenkristenConnect With a Mentor IT AdministratorCommented:
Few good resources I have mentioned below in which you may also be interested to check  :
imkotteesConnect With a Mentor Senior Messaging EngineerCommented:
Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Microsoft System Center is the best option.  In my mind the second best option would be Splunk as they have application for Exchange.  Check out and as it is very open and easy to use, you could use it to monitor other applications as well.
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