SQL query to find duplicate values using the HAVING clause

I'm trying to find duplicate values using the HAVING clause, but the SQL query below is returning the following error: "SQL command not properly ended". What am I doing wrong?

SELECT enrol.rep_start_year, 
         COUNT(*) AS duplicate_oen_count
    FROM (SELECT rep_start_year, period,
            FROM edcs_unistat.ustat_enrolment_data) enrol
         INNER JOIN edcs_unistat.uni_institution_type uniinst
             ON enrol.uni_institution_type_id = uniinst.uni_institution_type_id
         INNER JOIN
         (SELECT u.university_id,
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'DOMC' THEN 'CARL'
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'NOSM-LAKE' THEN 'NOSM'
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'NOSM-LAUR' THEN 'NOSM'
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'LAUR-ALGM' THEN 'ALGM'
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'LAUR-HRST' THEN 'HRST'
                      WHEN u.university_code = 'DOMC' THEN 'CARL'
                      ELSE u.university_code
                     AS university_code
            FROM edcs_core.university u) uni
             ON uniinst.university_id = uni.university_id
         INNER JOIN edcs_unistat.reg_status_type regstatus
             ON enrol.reg_status_type_id = regstatus.reg_status_type_id
         INNER JOIN edcs_unistat.fee_cat_type feetyp ON enrol.fee_cat_type_id = feetyp.fee_cat_type_id

where       enrol.rep_start_year in ('2012', '2013')
AND regstatus.reg_status_type_code IN ('12','13','14','15','16','18')
AND feetyp.fee_cat_type_code IN ('3', '4')
and         enrol.period in ('FAL')

GROUP BY enrol.rep_start_year, uni.university_code, enrol.student_oen
ORDER BY enrol.rep_start_year, uni.university_code, enrol.student_oen      


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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
First thing I would do is get rid of the blank lines.  Some tools don't like them.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Move the order by.  HAVING is part of the GROUP BY:
GROUP BY enroll.rep_start_year, uni.university_code, enroll.student_oen
ORDER BY enroll.rep_start_year, uni.university_code, enroll.student_oen

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