execute powershell with parameters in sql agent job


I can execute the following script in cmdexec window. But when I add it on a step in SQL AGENT Job, the job executed successfully but do nothing :

powershell -nologo -command "& {&'c:\script\backup_disk.ps1' -I SRVTEST -T F -R 24 -D \\nas$\srvtest -L C:\script\logs}"


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Are you saying you run the powershell script under sql agent and nothing happens ?

Can you maybe put a start and stop transcript into your backup_disk.ps1 script and take a look at the output.
It might be an issue with a parameter or some other input.
In the step properties(in edit window) make sure that the type of command is Powershell instead of Transact-SQL.
bibi92Author Commented:
It's an cmdexec step and not transact-sql.
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There is also  Powershell command.
bibi92Author Commented:
ok I know but I have to replace powershell command by cmdexec because there are only two threads powershell for SQL AGENT.
Have you actually tried seeing what happens when your script is run by sql agent ?

Try adding the Executionpolicy to your powershell command, it may be an execution restriction issue.

powershell -Executionpolicy Bypass -nologo -command "& {&'c:\script\backup_disk.ps1' -I SRVTEST -T F -R 24 -D \\nas$\srvtest -L C:\script\logs}"
bibi92Author Commented:
Have you actually tried seeing what happens when your script is run by sql agent ?

Yes, I have add output log in the step but the file is empty

I have tested , but same result :
powershell -Executionpolicy Bypass -nologo -command "& {&'c:\script\backup_disk.ps1' -I SRVTEST -T F -R 24 -D \\nas$\srvtest -L C:\script\logs}"

Please edit c:\script\backup_disk.ps1

Add the following lines at the start of the script:
start-transcript -path c:\somefile.txt -noclobber

Then add  the line below to the end of the script:

We can then open "c:\somefile.txt and see what is really happening when powershell calls c:\script\backup_disk.ps1

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