I need a hosting for tomcat/mysql for broadleaf ecommerce

For broadleaf , I need tomcat/mysql.
I need one or two stores based on broad leaf and one static or may be wordpress based company site.

Is amazon cloud storage will be cheap. Any other option which is cheap on budget and easy to manage.
And what are Amazon s3, or EC2 etc.

Thanks in advance.
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The S3 and EC2 are described and prices included on their site under amazon.com/EC2 and amazon.com/S3.
Do you know what your current setup resource consumption is storage will be based on your site plus the increasing size of the database for every new client/product/purchase.
K2516Author Commented:
Currently I have no idea but it will be normal ecommerce website. I could not understand there way of describing the price. For example if I have Broadleaf setup (ecommerce solution based on java/tomcat) and have 10 products.
Not sure what you mean by Normal ecommerce.

One pricing model deals with you paying based on demand, I.e. Monday your site consumed four hours of resources, Tuesday it was six hours, Wednesday, and Thursday two hours each, Friday, 8 Saturday and Sunday 0.

The other variability in the price calculation is whether additional resources were needed beyond the package spec I.e the two hours on Wednesday saw 10 times the number of requests on a per hour basis than you thought. I.e package spec is for 100 requests per minutes, on Wednesday there were 1000 for the two hour duration.

If you need help in designing, planning out, you need to provide context and some data.

One option is to obtain a VPS  from a hosting provider which will provide a more consistent expense I.e.x per month. You can use this as the baseline in the planing of the cloud based hoping and will be in a Better position to estimate the range of your costs.

Do you have a working example on your own system of the site you wants?
There are tools available that will simulate the requests interaction such that you can baseline your needs based on your own assumptions.
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K2516Author Commented:
Actually I am don't under stand the pricing modal.
Let me ask the other way:

Suppose I have cloud service from Amazon and I installed Tomcat and MySQL and deploy an web application (ECommerce website) like http://demo.broadleafcommerce.org/

As my understanding, please correct me if I am wrong, if tomcat server is running 24 hours to keep website live all the time, they will charge me for 24 hours time regardless the fact that how many user visited the website. As server is on for 24 hours so they will charge for 24 hours time. In case if I shut down the server for 20 hours and start only for 4 hours then they will charge me for 4 hours.
Am I correct?

I have one website like http://ivitaminrack.com/ in WordPress, few users visit the website.

Sorry guys I am confused and not able to understand this pricing modal properly.

But as general, for small eCommerce websites or beginner's eCommerce website which option is cheap?
VPS or cloud service
It depends on which package you choose.

They have the on-demand package meaning you will be charged for time when there is access/usage of the resources. They also have the scaling option such that the resource requirement ts grow, to avoid slow response they dynamically increase capacity and charge you for that.

The other packages presume the system is always on and thus is charged occordingly.

Shared hosting is usually the cheapest. VPS is next, cloud

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Not endorsing, no affiliation have not used, but searching for a shared hosting that includes tomcat, http://www.hostjava.net/shared-tomcat.html is one.

The difficulty is that you do not have info on how much resources your site needs to start.

I still believe, setting this up on your own local system including VMS, vmware, virtualbox, hyper-v that uses centos/ubuntu/debian. This will provide you with experience on configuring the e-comerce as well as include continuing testing/improvement .......
K2516Author Commented:
Thank you.  

Now I have much better understanding.

I will use first shared hosting mentioned above by Arnold.
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