how to make font larger

I would like to know what are my options to make font larger so that I am able to read the contents of my folders i.e.: favorites, personal folders on my desktop, outlook etc. larger with out having to increase the resolution to 125%.Right now I can read web pages larger by increasing the zoom on the bottom right hand screen in system tray but that is not helping with my issue.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
go to the start button, type DISP into the box, and press Enter.
this should bring up the Display box, and you can choose to increase your font sizes there (different options will appear depending on what size screen you have).  

You need to log off to have this apply
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
note, this is NOT changing your resolution, just the font sizes.  Your post wasn't clear to me exactly which option you wanted.
For a Internet explorer  web page go to view at the top zoom and Font Size.
In windows 7
rightclick the taskbar /properties untick use small icons on the taskbar

Control Panel Appearance and Personalization click on the  green letters not anything else underneath.
 click on make text and other items larger Blue text not the display green text.
make other items larger display
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Alternatively, you can change the resolution of your monitor: Right-click on screen - select Screen Resolution:ResolutionNow select a resolution that suits your needs.

"Open Appearance Settings by clicking the Start button and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type window color, and then click Change window colors and metrics.

2.In the Item list, click the part of Windows that you want to change the font for. For example, if you want to change the menu font, click Menu in the list. Then, make any of the following changes:

•In the Font list, click the font that you want to use.
•In the Size list, click the font size that you want.
•In the Color list, click the font color that you want.

3.Repeat these steps for each item that you want to make changes to, and then click OK."

Source with nice graphic.

Different approach.
Click/tap on the Make text and other items larger or smaller link
as shown in #3 of Option 1 here.

In Internet Explorer only, you can click View|Text Size.  But I understand you do not want this.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
To all who have suggested solutions, Thank you for your reply that was very informative and helpful. However is there any resource/reference that explains in more details what the items are that are listed in the windows color and metrics in the scroll down options.

thank you all
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
for example: Right-click on screen - select Screen Resolution, as above.

Now. click on Help in the toolbar at the top...
listed in the windows colour and metrics in the scroll down options.
Basem do you mean when we rightclick desktop>personalise> click on  link under colour box windows colour >
then advanced appearance settings> which opens up the old XP style panel where you can change fonts windows colours by simply clicking on the different tabs/text/inactive windows etc, when doing so more options are listed to change fonts style size colours etc > within that window, each has a different action
step one click on  windows colourchange fonts colours and anythingActive and inactive bars and more
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
I tried that unfortunately I did not see a description of what that item is in this case I am referring active title bar, I had to Google that, but I was hoping there is an easy to use visual guide pointing to what these items are and where they are located on the windows screen, if I wanted to change the icon color title and font for example what I look for and some items I sat that it has 2 colors why is that? see my capture to hope fully get a clearer picture of what I am referring to.

Title Bar

The title bar is a horizontal bar at the top of a computer window that displays the name of the file or program open in the window and generally contains the Minimize, Maximize and Close options. Both Macintosh and Microsoft operating systems use the title bar as the portion of the window that must be selected to move, or drag, the window from one part of the screen to another.

Read more :
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
You are correct and read my mind , but based on my last reply with the icon font and color where can that be found, also some other items does not always show up as in the dialog boxes you had included, another thing what is the easiest that you use when attaching screen captures, I do not know if I am doing this the hard way or not , I tend to save it to desk top then follow instructions from within the comments .please advise

Thank you Merete
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Also I wanted to mention that I was able to change the font and size on the icon but the color did not allow to be changed . do you know why??
I use the windows snipping tool /pinned to my taskbar to capture a region , in your search type snipping tool it will appear at the top right just after </>
click it and pint to taskbar
I also use my paintshop pro image editor/ I paste my snip into that  to add text explanations.
then when I upload the image to here, just above my comments box under post a comment but on the right is a small image icon if you hold your mouse over it you see insert image, navigate to your image give it a name then click submit and click at the spot you want it to appear, it will appear as a set of number. alternatively you can use the attach File below
snipping tool
If you look closely at the snips I posted  under the windows with OK
do you see written in them use only with windows Basic scheme
Basic themesChoose windows classic or basic and reboot.
Now go back to personalise click on under
Expand the scroll bar and  choose  text in the window not the text on the tabs this will bring up the fonts options
font colourClick around the panel Basem and see what options come up, also check the scroll bar options,
Maybe this can explain it quicker.
watch this video
Can you elaborate which text you want to enlarge, in folders  in web pages or in an email?
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Thank you Merete
Could you please take a look at my webshots screen saver question. No one seems to be able to help with that.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
very smart
Thank you Basem and all the best
Not to take away any credit from Merete, but the Accepted Solution is what I suggested in http:#40346474

Your question was
"how to make font larger... without having to increase the resolution "

I said "In the Size list, click the font size that you want."  And added graphic/video in link
I agree being fair to jcimarron,
try adding " a" jc then click the back to return down to this comment ;)

Yes, as Merete points out, I should have referenced http:#a40346474   in my post http:#a40348725

A comment from you would be appreciated.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:

I am sorry, you are right, how can I divide the points with you. oversight on my part
I see that you have already clicked the Request Attention button at the bottom of your first post.  
Thanks to you and to Merete as well.  I hope your question has been answered.

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Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
sorry for the confusion thank you all
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