Multiple icons for the same printer on win 8 workststions


I have a Suite of 15 win 8 workstations. The workstations were purchased in two batches about 12 months apart. They access two networked laser printers, one black and white, the other colour. The machines are up to date with ms updates. The two network printers were originally installed using a vb script which ran through the users logon batch file. I have now discovered that on the earlier PCs the printer icons are okay, one icon for each printer. But on the later PCs I have multiple icons for the colour printer, 89 of them on the machine that I last looked at. I've tried deleting these icons manually to leave just one but, when I reboot, the 88 deleted icons reappear. Has anyone got a fix for this?


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Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
it sounds like something is mapping them repeatedly like a login script

Can you try removing any login scripts and perhaps delete all the queues and work backwards?
Terminal4Author Commented:
Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your reply.

I've already disabled the vb scripts in the batch files, but the icons still reappear at logon even if the user doesn't have a logon batch file.  My eventual objective is to allocate the printers through AD as one set of users should have access to colour printing and the other not. This works fine on the earlier PCs that have the correct number of icons but on not those with multiples.

Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
It sounds like a driver issue. It's pretty strange. Does the same thing happen when you log on as the local admin user?

You may need to reset their nethood folder if they are being saved in their profile ie, some sort of corruption in the profile.
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Terminal4Author Commented:
Yes, it does seem a bit odd, Steve.

I've checked the Internet and have found that the problem is not unheard of. The only solution that I've come across is to upgrade to win 8.1 which is not something I was planning in the immediate future.

The same thing happens when I logon as local admin. So I guess it could be a profile problem, as the only logons I've used so far are those for which the affected machines would already have a local profile available. I'll set up a new user and try with that. If that clears the problem then I guess the solution might be to delete the current profiles and start fresh.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I won't have access to this particular Suite until next week and will post a result as soon as I have it.
Terminal4Author Commented:
Hi Steve,

sorry for the delay, but access to the site in question is a bit limited and I wanted to check that I had a working solution.

I've tried:

1. deleting a user profile and having it recreate itself on logon.
2. setting up a brand new user.
3. removing the printers using group policy.
4. checking and updating the device drivers.

None of the above worked.

This left me with the option I liked the least: upgrade to windows 8.1, which I have now completed on several PCs just to make sure that any result was not a one off. This worked, the multiple icons disappearing and GP installing only the printer or printer I wanted the user groups to see.

I've no idea what the source of the problem was but it seems to have been cleared by the upgrade.

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Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
Pleased SP 1 works for you. It's always a good idea to ensure everything is running at latest patch versions.
Terminal4Author Commented:
That's true. The upgrade was always on the cards - I just hadn't planned to do it just now!

Many thanks for your comments, very much appreciated.
Terminal4Author Commented:
I found the solution myself and don't regard myself as any great expert! It worked for me, but there may be a better way of achieving the same result.
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