Create group from formula field in a command

I am using a command in Crystal Reports XI, and I am having an issue creating a group based off of a formula field.  When I go to create the group, it will not let me select any of the formula fields, just the command fields.
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I suspect you have WhilePrintingRecords or Shared variables in the formulas.

Crystal uses a multiple pass method to render the reports and the groups are done in one of the early passes through the report while formulas as noted above are done in the final pass through the report.   Thus the values from those formulas are not available for grouping.

What are you trying to accomplish with the groups and the formulas?
Does the report have subreports?

TomBallaAuthor Commented:
Well, normally I don't use commands so I don't know how they differ from what I normally do.  

On a report I have written I use a formula called Supervisor that lists the supervisor name and the route numbers attached to that supervisor and I group by that formula with no problem.  No subreports used.
There is no real difference in grouping when you use a command or tables.

Can you show the formula you are trying to use?

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TomBallaAuthor Commented:
Do I need to change the SorDetail.MWarehouse to just MWarehouse since I am using a command?

IF{SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "04" OR
{SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "12" OR
{SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "24" OR  {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "25" OR
{SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "90" THEN

IF  {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "05"
OR {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "06" OR {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "08" OR {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "02" OR
{SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "21" THEN

IF {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "39" OR {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "40"
OR {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "42"  THEN

IF {SorDetail.MWarehouse} = "41"  THEN
ELSE " "
I don't think so.  Check the Field Explorer for the Database Fields, What is the top level name?  If it is SorDetail then it should be ok.

Have you done a VERIFY DATABASE?

TomBallaAuthor Commented:
The top level name is command.  I did the verify database and it said database is up to date.
You will need to edit the formula and replace the fields from the field list


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TomBallaAuthor Commented:
That did it.  Thanks.
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