Why keyboard and mouse stop working when loading Windows 7 over Windows 8.

I have a new Acer Aspire ZC-606 All-In-One.  It came with Windows 8 and I'm trying to put window's 7 on it.  Installation goes ok until about the point you select a Language for installation.  Right before this point I see the lights on the keyboard and mouse go out and then they don't work and I'm stuck.
I've tried all usb ports (one is blue, other 3 are black).  I've looked in the bios for a usb legacy support option but don't see one.

Thank You.
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Does the PC still have PS2 ports? If yes, connect a USB2 keyboard and mouse, at least until the installation is done.

If not, and if your all in one isn't too hard to open up, and if there are PCI ports available, get a PS2 PCI card so you can connect the PS2 keyboard and mouse.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
no ps2 ports and no room for ps2 card.  :-(
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
I guess this is one way to make people use Windows 8.  Isn't there a way to add needed drivers to a windows 7 install disk?  There has to be a way to make this work, no?
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here all your drivers :  http://www.driverscape.com/manufacturers/acer/laptops-desktops/aspire-zc-606/166177

did you delete the partition first? i never had that happening to me (yet)
but idid have a not working keyboard with win8 - caused by a bios

anyway -  if the mouse still works - can you continue?

anotherway would be to install windows 7 on another pc - and put the disk in this pc, or image it
windows 7 is very good at finding drivers

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You could start the installation by removing the HD and putting it into an other PC (remove all other disks from that PC) for the installation. Don't enter any product code or activate. You can try to move the disk back when the PC first reboots. If you don't have any keyboard or mouse then either, complete the installation in the other PC, and install the chipset drivers before you move the disk.

There is a tool, rt7lite, Which I have used to integrate SP1, add drivers, programs, make modifications etc. To Windows 7 install media, but I think the site is no longer available. It may still be available if you search for the tool though. But the problem is that the drivers won't yet have loaded at that stage which you describe, so it is unlikely to be of help.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
No I did not delete the partition first. I did not get that option up to this point in the Windows install.  What is the reason you think that would help?  

I don't get what is causing this issue.  There are USB 2 ports and I would think those should work with Windows 7 no problem.  I'd like to understand what the issue is just for my own knowledge.  What a pain!!!


I did already try rt7lite before your post but I only slipstreamed in the USB 3 drivers.  It didn't work.  I thought about trying to add the chipset drivers but your post said it probably won't work anyway because the drivers won't be loaded yet and the point the install will need them.

I've been looking for a video to show me how to remove the hard drive in this all-in-one.  I'm afraid I'm going to break something if I guess were to push and pull.  Having said that, I'm still working on getting the case open and will try what you suggested.  I will probably use a different drive though so I don't have to wipe out the Windows 8 install incase I end up needing it.  

So the chipset drivers are in an exe file.  Won't they fail to install because the computer that I'm installing the OS on won't be the actual computer the drivers go to???
May you could still try slipstreaming the chipset drivers. When you run the exe, the files usually get extracted. Using another disk is always a good idea.
i don't know if that helps for the kbd problem, but i've seen strange behaviour when the old partitions were still in place.
what's causing it?  as i see it, during boot you use the basic kbd driver -  and when win7 takes over, it tries to use it's own driver - which does not work -  but that's only my interpretation

also >>   if the mouse still works - can you continue?
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
No, mouse does not work either.  I think I'm throwing in the towel and telling them they are suck with Windows 8.  I couldn't find a tutorial on opening this case either so I didn't try a pre-installed OS on a different drive.  I did read one post somewhere that said it wouldn't work but maybe they were incorrect.  I did try slip streaming one of the intel chipset downloads in the link that you supplied but that didn't help either.  I was a bit confused because there were 4 or 5 chipset downloads and they all had the same download name.  I picked one, extracted it and slipstreamed it but no go.  Maybe I picked the wrong one, not sure.   Wish I had more time to figure it out but I guess I can't win them all. :-(
i always hate it to give up; but sometimes life forces you to
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help.  Had to stick with windows 8.  One big strike for Acer in my book.  :-(
tx for feedback -  and i agree, it's not pleasant
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