Sonicwall Radius + Windows 2008 R2

Hello everyone,

I need some help. My companies old PDC (Primary Domain Controller) died and I set up a new one. The Sonicwalll VPN was working on the old one. Pirior to this failure I copied over the settings thinking it might work. However I was gravely wrong. I need to get the VPN + Radius server working ASAP and this is my first time setting it up. The RADIUS server is a Windows 2008 r2 and the VPN server is a Sonicwall NSA2400.

Thank you,
Kevin PortellPollack, Pollack, Isaac & De CiccoAsked:
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Kevin PortellConnect With a Mentor Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & De CiccoAuthor Commented:
Yeah. Everything was installed. I was trying to assist a friend. The stupid issue was that he was coping and pasting the Secret form an intranet that also copied the stylings. After manually typing it in everything worked just fine.
Kevin PortellPollack, Pollack, Isaac & De CiccoAuthor Commented:
With the current configuration I keep receiving a Timeout in the Sonicwall when testing credentials.
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Did you install the nps role on the 2008 server?
Kevin PortellPollack, Pollack, Isaac & De CiccoAuthor Commented:
It was just a stupid error. And I don't like selecting my own solutions. Thank for your help everyone.
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