Exchange 2007 - parameters for Set-MailboxCalendarSettings to a mailbox room

What are the parameters to be set for a mailbox room accepts all recurring appointment?

When I do "Get-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity "Absence.desu" | fl"
The result is :
AutomateProcessing                  : AutoAccept
AllowConflicts                             : True
BookingWindowInDays               : 366
MaximumDurationInMinutes     : 172800
AllowRecurringMeetings             : True
EnforceSchedulingHorizon          : True
ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours  : False
ConflictPercentageAllowed           : 100
MaximumConflictInstances           : 1000
ForwardRequestsToDelegates        : True
DeleteAttachments                          : True
DeleteComments                             : True
RemovePrivateProperty                   : True
DeleteSubject                                   : True
DisableReminders                    : True
AddOrganizerToSubject               : True
DeleteNonCalendarItems              : True
TentativePendingApproval            : True
EnableResponseDetails               : True
OrganizerInfo                       : True
ResourceDelegates                   : {}
RequestOutOfPolicy                  :
AllRequestOutOfPolicy               : False
BookInPolicy                        :
AllBookInPolicy                     : True
RequestInPolicy                     :
AllRequestInPolicy                  : False
AddAdditionalResponse               : False
AdditionalResponse                  :
RemoveOldMeetingMessages            : True
AddNewRequestsTentatively           : True
ProcessExternalMeetingMessages      : False
DefaultReminderTime                 : 15
RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications : False
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Set the mailbox to be managed by a delegate instead of the ResourceBookingAttendant alone. A delegate could then allow double-booking of conflicting recurring meeting instances.

How recurring meeting requests are processed
dgswinAuthor Commented:
AutomateProcessing is set to "AutoAccept"
And the service is started for Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants.

And the recurring meeting request not accept all the meetings.
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dgswinAuthor Commented:
What is exactly command PowerShell?
In Exchange 2007 the Set-MailboxCalendarSettings cmdlet is used to allow conflicts and set the maximum number of conflicts and the percentage of conflicts allowed in a single recurring event.

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity "Conference Room" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllowConflicts:$true -AllowRecurringMeetings:$true -ConflictPercentageAllowed 25 -MaximumConflictInstances 3
dgswinAuthor Commented:
I executed the command but on 10 currency meetings , only 2 were accepted because the other 8 are in conflict with other meetings.
dgswinAuthor Commented:
How I do it?
dgswinAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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